Hey, there. I’m really glad you’re here – in fact, I’ve been waiting for you because I like you. “But you don’t even know me?” you might say. But I think I do.

You’re probably over-scheduled and under-rested. You sometimes wonder if you really can do it all. There are days when you fantasize about hopping in a fancy sports car and running away to the beach for a week – alone. Or perhaps you pin millions of pins on Pinterest then feel inadequate when yours doesn’t turn out quite like theirs.

And I’m guessing you’ve been in conversations with other women who make you feel as though you’re doing it all wrong. Here’s the thing: you’re not.

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When Pruning Hurts

When Pruning Hurts

“Why, God??!!! WHY??” I screamed in the privacy of my own car with tears streaming down my red face. In the parking lot of Sam’s Club, of all places, there I sat. One never knows when a breakdown will occur. “Why again? Why here? Why now? I try... read more

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When You Long For Your Kids To Be Little Again

So I have this tween daughter and she’s wonderful. Really, she is. She’s also taken to some mood swings and eye rolls now and then which my mother often watches with a smirk. I know what you’re thinking, Mom . . .  I want so desperately for my girl...

When It’s Time To Subtract

I know, I know. It’s been complete crickets over here and I’m sorry. I know you all aren’t wailing and gnashing your teeth because of the absence of my voice from this very small pocket of the internet but I do want to update you all as to why...

Friendships with other women are as important to our mental, physical, and spiritual health as rest, exercise, and prayer. We don’t just want friends—we need friends. Yet sometimes they can be as difficult as singing a song without the lyrics.

Natalie uses her own and others’ stories of successes and failures to illustrate what she has learned about girlfriend relationships. Healthy boundaries, honesty, tact, sharing, and agape love all play a part in being and maintaining a circle of close confidants. She also deals with the inevitable challenges that face many relationships including how to handle conflict; life changes like a new baby, move or divorce; and when it is right to “break-up” with your friend.

After reading this book, your heart will long to be this kind of God-honoring friend.

Lysa TerKeurst

New York Times best-selling author

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