Well here I sit on a rainy Monday afternoon stuffing myself with a bag of microwave popcorn and listening to Bubba Boo wail incessantly in his crib as he desperately tries to put himself back to sleep…This is the first day of the “Nap Boot Camp” that is going to continue until he gets that we don’t take 20 minute cat naps all day…Never mind that Missy Moo is asleep peacefully (or was) in the next room – sometime you just have to have a little training to help you along!

Of course I am now having the internal struggle of do I go get him or let him cry for a bit to see if he will fall back asleep…My sleep Bible says to make him cry for a bit and if I go get him I have just taught him to cry for that period of time but wow is it difficult to listen to your peanut scream as if they have not eaten in 12 days (no he is not hungry – I fed him right before he went down and truthfully, at 19.5 pounds at six months, I am not really worried about him starving anytime soon).

I give up – I am going in. We will try again tomorrow.

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