I believe in the small things. When I think of the things that tug at my heart the most, I realize that what matters most of all are actually the small drops that lead to the whole cup of water.

– I believe there is nothing sweeter than a fantastic page-turner or a juicy magazine, a phone that is off the hook, a good cup of coffee or tea, a thunderstorm, and children who are napping at the same time.

– I believe that the best scent on this planet is that of a baby’s head. I inhale it deeply several times a day for as long as I can because I never know when I will wake up and the scent will be gone.

– I believe that I teach my babies how to navigate this life simply by my actions. I also believe that I am human and the best way for them to learn how to say “I’m sorry” is from hearing their mother say it to them.

– I believe that life is not meant to be easy so buck up and get ready! It sure is great and worth the bumps along the way.

– I believe that we are all learning together. Therefore, I believe in second chances and grace for one another. Most importantly, I believe in granting grace for YOURSELF. Being perfect is too much work.

– I believe that I did not understand my mother’s silliness over curfew, car-dating, good grades, and not having friends over if she was not home. Now my children will be adhering to these rules as well so I believe in experiences coming around “full-circle”.

– I believe you can’t say “I love you” enough.

– I believe that my inbox will never be empty.

– I believe that the best sound in the world is the belly laugh of a child.

– I believe it does not matter if you have the smartest child in the neighborhood but rather the most caring and compassionate one that will take the world by a storm and leave it a little bit better than it was before their existence.

– I believe I have my own learning curve and as a result, sometimes have to make the same mistake over and over before the lesson starts to creep into my thick skull.

– Lastly, I believe we should all live our lives with the philosophy of my Labrador Retriever: sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry, play a lot each day, cuddle, use your cute, sad eyes when you might need them, and for heaven’s sakes, don’t walk through your own stuff. What is done is done and we can only move forward.

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