I am wondering at what point we lose the innocence and magic of childhood and become the serious, tired grown-ups we never thought we would be (or at least maybe I am speaking for myself). I love the way children think and if we simply listen to them, I personally believe that they are on to some things that we might want to take note of. For example, this evening, Missy Moo and I decided to take a bath together in mommy’s “big pool” as she calls the bathtub in our master bathroom. Now currently 12 weeks pregnant with my third child in three years (dear GOD!) I had been feeling a little unattractive and somewhat scared to look in the gigantic mirror that allows every imperfection to be seen as you remove your clothing to shower or bathe. I regularly keep my head down and try not to look at the shape that is appearing in front of me – yes, I know I am pregnant but I also worked VERY hard to get all that baby weight off and had reached pre-baby weight when BOOM! I got two lines when I did a quick little test I was sure to be negative…I was really loving the fact that I could pull out old clothes and get some cute new ones, but enough about that…As we were getting ready to get in the tub, both of our naked bodies waiting for the water to stop, Missy Moo reached over to me and with her heart-melting smile simply patted my leg and said “You’re just fine.” Now how did she know? What kind of cosmic knowledge did she possess to know that that was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment? It got me thinking that maybe I am just fine – I guess to view yourself through the eyes of an almost three year old, I might be more than just fine. I am her lifeline, the closest person to her, her playmate, her disciplinarian, her ultimate caregiver, the kisser of boo-boo’s, the driver to preschool, the snack provider, and probably another million things that I simply don’t have the brain-power to produce at this given moment. I remember a time in my life in which I would have traded the firmer, not-as-saggy version of myself for the life I live now – I wanted desperately to be a stay-at-home mommy but instead I found myself in the throes of a divorce at the ripe age of 27. At a time when everyone else was either getting married or having their first baby, I was starting over. This thought jolted me into my reality now as I realize I DO have all that I wished for back then and no, I would not trade it for the much-perkier chest that I had back then. So I guess you could say I AM just fine. Of course, leave it to a three year old to have to point that out to me.

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