‘Tis the season has officially begun and as always, the day after Thanksgiving my hubby and I decided it was time to pull out the Christmas decorations and get the tree up so the holiday cheer could spread throughout our family. It was like a walk down memory lane as I unpacked the many decorations and ornaments that made me think of people I love or events, such as the first Christmas with my hubby and “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments, that forever changed my life for the better. I am a lover of traditions—my mother always made sure that I, as an only child, had plenty of holiday traditions and this desire has carried over to me as well. Needless to say, now that my oldest is almost four years old, it is becoming very fun to discuss the holidays with her and begin our own family traditions. With this in mind, we put the tree up on Friday afternoon but waited until Missy Moo was home (she was visiting my mother) to decorate it. After our pizza dinner, we all retreated to the living room where we had holiday music on the iPod (my husband is particularly fond of “Mele Kalikimaka” so this kicked off our tree-decorating event) and a fire burning in our fireplace—it was all very “Norman Rockwell-ish”. Or so I thought…
Quarrels began to break out over various ornaments (Bubba Boo wanted to look at the Cinderella ornament and Missy Moo would not allow this because, God forbid, he is a boy and boys don’t look at Cinderella ornaments) and where they would be placed. Bubba Boo, having just mastered the word “ball”, began to pelt the glass Christmas balls around the living room while delighting in the fact that he could say the word associated with the object and Ellie, our five year old yellow Labrador Retriever proceeded to let out what we like to call “green smoke” after a particularly tough day on her digestive system. As I realized that my Norman Rockwell moment was just not really like I had planned it to be, I remembered that I did have a fun new tradition tucked in the closet called “The Elf on a Shelf”. It is a cute story accompanied by an elf that sits on a mantle, or anywhere else, in your house and I thought this would save the moment for sure. Hubby and I rallied everyone up to take baths and put on jammies because we have a “guest” coming (the elf) so they did so eagerly and happily. When it came time for us all to pile on the couch and read the story, it was wonderful—just as I had imagined. After the story, I then got up to place the elf on the mantle and Bubba Bool followed me, curiosity in tow. The stockings were held in place by wrought iron stocking holders in various Christmas shapes and Bubba Boo, with the curiosity of a 19 month old, pulled on one of them only to send the iron Christmas Tree stocking holder straight down on top of his little face that had been looking up at it so innocently. Blood began to spurt, tears began to fall, and screams could be heard, I am sure, for miles. Not quite how I had planned to end our evening, but after I got the children down for the night, I had to chuckle at the quote for the day from my motherhood inspirations calendar I purchased from Jill Savage (love it and highly recommend it) – Julie Barnhill stated “Motherhood ushers in (often with trumpets) a dawning awareness that things just aren’t going to go as we’d first planned or imagined.” Doesn’t God have the funniest sense of humor? Bubba Boo now has two big gashes on his left cheek – just in time for our family Christmas card picture! Regardless, that little face is beautiful no matter what so it will have to suffice for this year and make a great story in the future.

“For unto us a child is born…” Isaiah 9:6

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