I mourn the loss of my brain. I really did at one time be a functioning, responsible adult who could easily read directions and actually show-up to scheduled appointments. However, that individual is no longer with us. She is gone. She has left in her wake this new person who is very flighty, forgetful, and at times, irresponsible. I am not sure if the old one will ever return and this of course, is the most frightening thought of all. My dear hubby, Classic Old Spice, is a dentist. He has complained to me at times about patients who do not show up to their scheduled appointments to which I have always replied in a rather heated manner that it is not difficult to simply pick up the phone and call. After all, they are taking up the spot of someone else who might actually show-up to said appointment. “Irresponsible and inconsiderate” is what I mutter often followed with an unasked-for suggestion that he charge a $50 no-show fee because of course, that would help people to remember to show up to their appointment by golly. Sadly enough, this has come back to bite me in the arse because currently to date, I have missed three appointments since September. This may not sound like a lot but to someone who has never missed an appointment, this is shattering. I worry that Bubba Boo’s ENT will no longer see him as a patient. I am certain my chiropracter, whose appointments I have missed not once but twice, thinks I am the supreme flake and I have had to eat a lot of crow and just nod sympathetically when Classic Old Spice complains of the no-shows. I am one of them now and we are bonded – I can’t betray their trust as we appointment-skippers have to stick together. In fact, I recently was a no-show for my own dental appointment with my husband and he informed me that he is passing my charts on to another local dentist – he has officially kicked me out of his practice. Here’s another scary example: I was recently diagnosed with an eye problem and my opthamologist (I made it to that appointment) prescribed a strong medication. After taking it for five days, I began to develop a rash on my neck so I promptly quit taking it and called his office the next day. I was told to halve the dosage and I should be good. I shared this story with Classic Old Spice and he asked the original dosage. We then moved on and talked about what we would do for lunch. Two hours later as we were standing at our kitchen sink, he looked at the directions on my prescription and realized that the half-dosage that I started to take was really what I was supposed to be taking all along. No wonder I broke out in a rash – I was taking twice the daily dosage I was supposed to take. As you can only imagine, Classic Old Spice simply thought this was hilarious. Just yesterday, I attempted to purchase my Clinique Touch Base for Eyes that I have been wearing now for four years. I love it and it is a staple – back in the day, I could rattle that color out in my sleep. As I stood in Nordstrom with hubby I could not produce the name of the color. Even worse, when the sales rep began to name them, none of them sounded familiar. I had to look at the one I thought could be it to determine if in fact it was. Just plain scary.
The list goes on – this was just this past week. Things like this are a common occurrence now. I recently read a quote by Louisa May Alcott (author of “Little Women”) that said “she has read too many books and it has addled her brain.” I think the appropriate term for me would be “she has had too many children in too short of time and it has permenantly altered her brain.” Good-bye, sound mind. May you return at some point and if not, well, I won’t remember you anyway.

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