Before I get into the meat of my writing this evening, I want to apologize to my resounding nine followers (thank you for reading, my friends!) for falling off the face of the blog world. Try as I may, I just can’t write daily though I am accepting that this is just simply a season in my life. I plan to do much more writing in general this upcoming fall, so we shall see. However, the main reason I have not been on so much is that, truthfully, my head hurts. It seems as though my oldest two children, Missy Moo and Bubba Boo, have reached the age in which they argue over things. Big things. Little things. Medium things. Pretty much all things. Since I am an only child, this incessant bickering between a two year old and a four year old is new territory for me. A few nights ago, my beloveds were arguing over something so insignificant that I can’t even recall what it was and I simply looked at Classic Old Spice and said, “You have GOT to be kidding me…” to which he responded with “Welcome to the world of siblings, dear.” This, of course, made me chuckle a bit because he often likes to think he is the resident expert on sibling relations in our home. Now don’t get me wrong here – I respect that man more than any other person on this planet. However, when the love of my life was born, his oldest sister was 22 years old, his brother was 16, and his other sister was ten. I am a little incredulous when he makes comments about sibling rivalry because really, he was an only child. Classic Old Spice was the cute baby that everyone carted around and pretty much always had the attention on him. I am guessing, though I don’t know for sure, that not many of his siblings actually fought much with him. Neither Missy Moo or Bubba Boo are free of guilt from the myriad of arguments that occur within a given day – sometimes Missy Moo provokes and Bubba Boo screams, sometimes Bubba Boo provokes and Missy Moo screams, yells, cries, and pretty much gives him exactly the reaction he is seeking. Of course, he always goes back for more with an extra little glean in his eye because he enjoys the consequences of his small pinches, hits, pushes, and climbing. I’ve tried to explain this to Missy Moo to no avail so the cycle continues. Bubba Boo is the one who makes me fall into my bed at night – he is ALL boy and I mean ALL. If I do say so myself, the child is beautiful. He has long lashes, curly brown hair, deep-brown-almost-black eyes and dimples that even the nurses in the hospital swooned over when he was born. He is also two and experimenting with his lot in life. He likes to test for consistency and equally loves to see what he can get away with. For a long while, his chosen form of communication was screaming. He screamed when he was happy. He screamed when he was mad. He screamed when he was sad. Sometimes he screamed to just, well, scream (hence why my head has been hurting). Lately, this has improved, to which I say at the top of my lungs “Hallelujah!!!”, however, he has now officially traded this behavior for that of typical little brother behavior. Truthfully, there are times I don’t blame Missy Moo for the irritations but after all, Bubba Boo is just doing his job. He is SUPPOSED to do these things – he is her little brother. Who else would pinch her while she is trying to watch a show? Who else would take her Littlest Pet Shop animals from her hands and run? Who else would push her when she did not give in to his every whim? The ironic thing is that Bubba Boo can melt my heart like no other. The other day, we were in Family Chrisitan Store purchasing a few books. Luckily, Bubba Boo was drawn to the children’s area which was my saving grace because otherwise I would have spent the time chasing him around the store with My Sweet One, who now weighs 24 pounds at 11 months, in my arms. He plucked a monster truck from the shelf and proclaimed it as his and while I don’t buy everything for my children when they want something, today was different. I told him he could indeed have the monster truck if he chose to be a good boy while mommy browsed for a few more minutes. He did well so we proceeded to the checkout to purchase our items. He had some trouble with releasing his firm clutch on the monster truck so the man quickly scanned it and gave it right back to him. Immediately, without being prompted, he said “Thanks, Mama.” I mean, first of all, the child calls me mama and it’s like sweet music to my ears. On my worst days, to hear Bubba Boo call me “mama” is enough to snap me out of any snit I might be experiencing. Secondly, to show such gratitude for something I purchased for him at such a young age shows me that I MUST be doing something right even when I worry that his antics are indeed due to my inadequate parenting. In addition, if I cough, sneeze, or even simply utter the word “ouch” he flies in from wherever he may be in the house to pat my face and say “You OK, Mama?” My ALL BOY boy is also a sweet, caring, sensitive soul who is curious about bugs, loves to play soccer, will scream “Look, Mama!” anytime he sees a Daddy Long Legs, and loves popsicles. He screams, he throws fits, he tests his boundaries – he is two. But when I see the character that is emerging from him, I know he will be just fine. He is just starting to be molded and it is fun. The journey will be long and wonderful and I know this but I thank God for making him the way He did. Missy Moo and Bubba Boo have had a small obsession with Scooby Doo during the past three months – yes, three months. It is not a fleeting one – it seems to be here to stay. Missy Moo refers to Classic Old Spice as Freddy, I am the winner of the nerdy Velma character (though I tell Missy Moo I would rather be her because she is the smart one), she is, of course, Daphne, Bubba Boo is now known as Shaggy, Ellie the WonderDog is Scooby, and My Sweet One is Scrappy. She often refuses to answer if you have the gall to call her by her God-given name. If you call her Daphne, she’s all yours but slip and call her by her real name and you are toast. Missy Moo has pulled Bubba Boo into the Scooby club and he, too, is now obsessed. A few nights ago, after a particulary irritating day of about 75 arguments between the two of them, I found myself rejoicing that it was bedtime and I had everyone in jammies with the “night-night” movie (Scooby Doo of course – “Jeepers It’s the Creeper” was our episode of choice for that particular evening) playing. I looked up from mixing My Sweet One’s bottle to see the backs of my older babies – newly out of the tub with still-wet hair, jammies on, leaning on the ottoman together like best friends. It stopped me dead in my tracks because nothing, I mean nothing, would have gotten these two together throughout the day. Nothing, except for good old Scoobs. Thank you, Scooby Doo – in Scoob the Snapp’s trust.

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