OK, so I have this cute little display in our home with Santa and reindeer.


The other day, as I was frantically trying to run around and get snacks packed and sippy cups ready for our Disney on Ice outing, I gave Sawyer a pack of raisins because he wanted them and I needed him off my back for a moment while I got ready being the ever-giving mommy I am, I gave them to him.  I normally would not do this but I just needed a moment.  Sawyer has recently been wanting to feed everything he comes across – the other day in the front yard, we found a woolly caterpillar.  He picked some grass and tried to feed it.  He feeds Solomon stuff off of the floor.  Lovely.  You get the drift.  Anyway, fast-forward to the end of the day – everyone’s in bed and I am doing my picking up around the house,  tired as heck because we had done the Disney on Ice thing and I needed a tall glass of wine a nice cup of tea. Imagine my surprise to see the above scene.  My initial thought was that Sawyer had put the raisins there to feed the one leaning down.  But then I noticed they were placed rather close to the derriere of the other one.  “So is he sweet or sick?”  I wondered then chuckled and drank my wine my tea.

My dear hubby, JJ, had been out in his “man-shed” (more about this another time) and had come back to the homestead to join us.  I shared the above with him and he started to laugh hysterically.  I did think it was quite funny but maybe not as funny as HE thought it was so I was puzzled by this rather over-reactive reaction.  “Natalie, dear…”  he said, while still laughing, “I did that while you were at Disney on Ice.”

Precisely why you should never leave  your husband alone in the house without kids all day.

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