I’m so sorry but I think we need to take a break.  Please understand that it’s not you – it’s me.  I just can’t say “no” to you.  It’s beginning to get obsessive and unhealthy and you are hanging on me in places that are not so pretty.  I lose control once you hit my lips and I Just. Can’t. Stop.  My children have noticed.  They call you “mommy’s favorite” though I have always sworn to never have a favorite.  It’s been a whirlwind of a romance during the past two weeks but the honeymoon period is over.  You’ve given me about five extra pounds of baggage and I just simply can’t take on anymore.

Maybe we will get together again in a couple of months in February just as the first Valentine M&M’s hit the shelves.  Or maybe I will need more time.  Think of me when you are lonely and know that I will always, always love you.

Parting is such sweet sorrow but I think it’s time to see other people…

Reindeer Mix

Makes 12-14 Cups

1- 2lb. bag white chocolate chips
3C. rice or corn chex cereal
3C. honey nut cheerios
3C. oatmeal squares cereal (I use the brown sugar blue box)
2C. pretzels (stick or twists)
2C. honey roasted or dry roasted peanuts
12oz. bag M&M candy (plain)
Combine all ingredients (excepts white chocolate chips) into VERY large bowl…
Slowly melt chocolate chips in pan over low heat .. until smooth
Pour chocolate over mixture – stir until all is well coated
Spread mixture out on wax paper (single layer until cool)
After “dried” break into smaller pieces and enjoy!

Love to you forever,

Mommy on Fire

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