Whenever I say this, I immediately start singing Ice Cube’s 1993 song of the same name so in typical Ice Cube style, I slant my hat and drag my drawers a bit and say “Today Was a Good Day.”

Though I don’t live in South Central L.A. and I am sure the similarities between Ice Cube and me, a suburban, mini-van driving Christian mama, are few (although maybe not?),  the planets sure aligned today.  It isn’t that most of my days are bad because truthfully they are not.  But like any other mommy of young children on this planet, my days can be tiring.  Taxing.  Challenging.  Yep, just call me Debbie Downer.

But, oh…not today.  It started with a 7:45 a.m. wake-up (later than usual!!!) and get this – enough time actually  TAKE A SHOWER!!!  I then proceeded to get dressed in my grown-up clothes and greeted each of my cherubs, particularly Sawyer who was still (gasp) sleeping, with a sunny “Good morning” and detailed our agenda for the day.


My first-born Type A was in hog-heaven.  She knew what was going on and what to expect.

Everyone ate breakfast in peace.  No arguments or whining.  I’m not kidding.

I actually had time to SIT DOWN and drink my coffee and read a devotional.


Sawyer, who has been out-of-control with the whining lately, did not do so this morning.  He was actually pretty mellow (which made me worry that he was getting sick because come on, the child is always on the move.)

I piled ALL THREE chillens in my car and we took Solomon to get his first (sniff, sniff) haircut.  Yes.  All three.  Together.

Let it be known that I avoid going anywhere with all three of my children at the same time.  Today I was feeling courageous.  Today Was A Good Day.


They were angels while both Solomon AND Sawyer got haircuts.  To celebrate, we went to our favorite restaurant of all-time, Chick-Fil-A (well, at least THEIR favorite restaurant of all-time – while  I do love it, I would not esteem it quite that high)

There was hardly anyone else there, which is weird.  My kids were patient as I served everyone and no one spilled anything or pelted a nugget at an innocent bystander.

The playroom was not ridiculously crowded.  They could actually move.

We then moved on to Target where, and this admittedly is where you might start to think I was pushing my luck and you would be smart to do so, we needed to get some groceries.  Uh-huh.  Grocery shopping with three kids, almost five and under.  I don’t ever attempt it but today, we had no freakin’ food in our house we needed to pick up a few items.

We walked in and a “super cart” was waiting for us as we passed through the doors.  You know the one – the big, hoopty cart that has room to tie-in two kids and one in the front and is like pushing a train through the aisles.  Oh – and of course, usually not readily available because there are often only about four per each Super Target store.  Yep.  Waiting for ME – as soon as I walked in.

I needed to go the bathroom which I try to avoid if at all possible with all three of my children in a public place.  As I am lecturing that “we are not to touch a single thing in the restroom” and likely sounding like OCD-Mom, I see that a friend of mine, an angel sent from God,  IS IN THE BATHROOM with her son.  Accident?  (No, I didn’t have an accident – I made it to the toilet, whew.  I mean, I believe God places people in our lives from the biggest of times to the smallest.)  She offered to hold Solomon, who freaks out in public restrooms for whatever reason, while Susannah and I did our thing.

We shopped for our stuff.  Not ONE TIME did anyone lose it (the free cookies from the bakery always work but still…).  We did not forget anything from our list.  And we were done within 20 minutes which is record speed for Super Target.

We made it home without anyone falling asleep in the car.  The boys took naps.  Susannah and I played a game – without being interrupted every other second.

My kids played together and laughed such belly laughs that I stopped in my tracks to marvel at them having such a good time together – without me even in the room to facilitate.

I made food for an under-the-weather family.   TOOT-TOOT – that’s my own horn I’m blowing because seriously,  I lived up to “Mommy on Fire” today.

Last but not least, I FINALLY organized the new toys that have taken over our house since Christmas morning.  I. Can’t. Pick. Up. Anymore. Toys.  I bought bins at Target and it’s all good.  Visual peace is coming back – my how I’ve missed you.

As JJ loves to quote, “sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes you’re the windshield.”  Today Was A Good Day.  We were all the windshield. And yet, I am not so naive to think I won’t be the bug again because I just might be even tomorrow.  But not today.

Thank you, God.  The  glimmers of hope you give us just when we need them are uncanny.  You always work for good.  My babies are getting older and with that, it is indeed getting just a wee, wee bit, dare I say, easier.  Your grace is good.  Thank you, thank you, thank you…

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