Sometimes I admit that I get a little annoyed with the rudeness and lack of compassion that some people never me exhibit.

Today, after dropping Sawyer off at his toddler class (PTL for this class by the way), Solomon, Susannah and I headed out on a host of errands that are manageable with two children but intolerable with three.  One of our stops was, of course, Target.  It’s pretty much where we spend most of our time after the category of home.

I have a pair of Nike gloves that I’ve had for ages.  I trained for a few mini-marathons with them and I heart them.  Lots.

I also have a bad habit of taking my gloves off when I get into the car and placing them in my lap.  I then forget about them when I arrive at my destination and they invariably end up on the ground.  I have a whole host of gloves missing their mates.

When we pulled into our parking space at Target, there was an older woman sitting in the car in front of us.  I watched her smile a bit as I unbuckled, zipped up, and hatted heads.  My guess is she was reminiscing about a time when she did the same thing.

Upon returning to our car after shopping, I noticed that one of my beloved Nike gloves was, alas, on the ground.  I did it again.  The other glove was gone.

After buckling, unzipping and de-hatting heads, I admit that I was feeling a little bummed about the loss of the Nike glove.  I know it’s not a big deal.  But I was bummed.

I settled into the driver’s seat and proceeded to buckle and strap myself.  As I started to pull out of my parking space to zoom on to the next event, I was greeted with my other glove placed carefully on my rear-view mirror.

I think I know who did it.  It’s the small things like this that can bring such joy.  Pay it forward.

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