Somedays are days in which everything just syncs.  The planets align.  I am not a complete grump and while I may not wear my pearls and high heels all day long, even while vacuuming, it’s still a good day.

Today?  Not so much.

I awoke to Susannah looking peaceful and pleasant.  We talked a bit in hushed voices (we must ease into the day at our house).  When I shared the agenda and she realized she was not included in this morning’s events, she crumbled.  Wednesday mornings are my day to take Solomon, the last little baby who often floats around our house solo because I’m just too swamped to do much more with him, to our “Mommy and Me” class.  We have not had class for about a month due to the holidays but today it was back in the saddle and truthfully, I missed that time with him.

But Susannah?  She hadn’t missed that time at all.  Not to mention that she was still feeling a bit weepy due to the fact that we had read The Velveteen Rabbit the night before and she was still feeling a bit weepy.  She is her mama’s daughter, alright, as we both sobbed when the bunny was taken to the backyard to be burned after the boy had battled scarlet fever.  It took a bit to scrape her off the ceiling but she made it and was able to sleep peacefully.  However, I think she was still feeling the effects this morning and she broke down for about ten minutes upon hearing that I would be leaving.  She got so far in that she started mumbling things that weren’t even making sense – complaining that she never had any time to play outside and when I told her she just needed to tell me when she wanted to go out, she stated that she did not want to go out in the snow.  What a minute.  I’m confused.

I moved on to Sawyer’s room who had chugged pretty much an entire glass of water before bed.  Yep.  Over-filled diaper that leaked onto the sheets of his big-boy bunk bed.  Not easy to change the sheets on those things.

Solomon incessantly kept repeating his favorite word of “no” throughout the morning.  About. Every. Little. Thing.

Here’s where I add a tidbit about how blessed and grateful I am for all that I have because there are starving children in Africa.   I do believe this and know that my world is so good even on my worst of days.  But regardless, there it is.

Because what happened next just about put me into tailspins.

I’m not a girl who carries a small dog around in her purse.  I don’t text, Tweet, and Facebook all day.  I’m not “Daddy’s Little Girl” and I’ve never had any kind of Botox or any other enhancements even though I could certainly benefit from such procedures because I am happy in my own skin.

However, I do have an iPhone.  Since getting my iPhone, I have become spoiled.  I can check my email, respond to voice mail, and text IF I NEED TO (no, not while driving) while I am out and about.  I did function at one time without one but now that I have tasted the fruit of the vine, it’s over.

In an attempt to get everyone out of their respective funks this morning, I allowed Sawyer to sit at his chair while I was preparing his Eggo Cinnamon Toast Waffle organic pancakes and play with an application called “Balloonimals.”

We love Balloonimals.  To give a quick summary of its workings, you simply blow into the bottom of the phone to inflate a balloon and, in the style of creepy clowns (eek – not a clown fan), can make a balloon animal.

Apparently, Sawyer did not only blow air into the bottom of my phone.  He also blew a whole host of saliva unbeknownst to me at the time.

Susannah worked through her snit and Sawyer was entertained and distracted from his bumpy morning by his balloon friends.  Whew.

A lovely “Mommy and Me” class was had by all but for some odd reason, when I attempted to phone my husband to ask a quick question, my phone started to act like it was being taken over by iPhone hijackers.  It had a mind of its own and was doing things I had never seen.

Luckily, Miss Betty, my right-hand woman, was here with the kids and I could go get this checked out after dropping Susannah off at preschool.

So I did. The news was not good.  Water. Damage.

Also not good?  The options for replacing said iPhone that was just upgraded two months ago.  I know.  Cry me a river.  But seriously.  I was annoyed.

Taking matters into my own hands, I left the store and took off on a host of errands around town while holding the bottom of my phone up to the car heater at full blast in an attempt to dry the sucker out.  I’m not the best with electronic gadgets but it was certainly worth a shot.

It worked.

Ecstatic was I and knew my luck was about to change.

It did.

Remember when I was One Sick Mutha?  Then you know what happened to my vacuum cleaner (if you don’t, click the words “One Sick Mutha” and you will.)  This was not an easy thing to get fixed so without boring us all with the messy (literally) details, I will just tell you that after almost of month apart and travel across state lines to be repaired, our Dyson is safely back with us.

Thank you to all of you who wrote letters and sent cards.

It’s not the worst day that I’ve had by a long shot.  It’s just been one of those days in which I was able to be the Acting President of the “Nothing Could Be Easy” Club.

But yet.  It’s time to move on.  In the words of the great philosopher, Blondie, “the tide is high but I’m holding on.”

No drowning today.

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