It’s January.  We had our white Christmas.  It was lovely.  Now I’m over it.

Sorry to sound like Debbie Downer but winter is not a friend of a mother with young children.  I put on my Joan of Arc suit somewhere around the end of October and start battling things like viruses, infections, lost mittens and gloves, 20 minute periods of time to get out the door, cabin fever and wound up little people who can’t get out…You get the drift.

I’m feeling poetic today.  Enjoy.

Mittens and Gloves:  A Haiku

Mittens and Gloves – Uck.

You drive me nutso indeed.

You are always lost.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!  May you find all of your lost mittens and gloves.

Please hope the same for us as I am about to start putting socks on the hands of my children since the stores are no longer carrying winter gear.

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