Ellie the WonderDog was JJ’s 30th birthday present.  We were young and in love.  We thought getting a lab puppy would be the next step in our relationship because we were not quite ready to commit to a baby but wanted to test the waters.

Wow.  It’s amazing we decided to indeed have children.

Puppies are a jolt to those who have lived an independent lifestyle.  To say that Ellie Rose was a jolt to our world would be an understatement.

We chose her from the litter because she was female and very, very chill.

She was very, very chill because she was very, very sick. She came to us infected with the bird flu unbeknown to the breeder and us. We took her home and she curled up in my lap and slept and slept.  She wouldn’t eat.  Something was wrong.

We took her to the emergency vetrenarian and they thought she had parvo.  Parvo is often fatal and they thought she was going to die.  We had had her for six hours and we were devastated.

She went back to the breeder, was diagnosed and treated, and returned to us a week later.

She was not chill.

She was sick.

In the place of that chill dog came bounding in a dog much like Marley from the popular “Marley and Me” fame.

She is now six years old and she still very much acts like a puppy.  People keep telling me “Oh, yes.  Labs.  They’re puppies for about four years.”

Uh-huh. Except she’s six.

I love this dog.  She is the only one in the house that is genuinely worried if I start to cry.  She begins to pace and panic and sidles so close to me that I worry she is trying to leap into my womb.  She just knows.

She is pulled on, picked on, ridden like a horse and hey – remember that she didn’t sign on for this.

Once in a while, she gives me the saddest eyes as if to say “Aren’t you going to do anything?  Really?”

She used to go on long walks and stop at the Doggy Bakery for a treat.  She used to have birthday parties complete with hats and, gasp, friends that came over to play in our backyard.  I might have needed to get a life.

This is the first time I have written about Ellie the Wonderdog but it won’t be the last.  She really is my first-born and I love her more than a person should be allowed to love their dog.

I particularly love her even more now that a friend told us about the Furminator treatment at Petsmart.  No more hair all over our clothing and coming out of my kid’s mouths.  Whew.

Princess Ellie Rose (Her AKC name.  And yes, she acts like a princess.)

Our First Born Baby:  A Haiku

A bundle of joy,

Your patience abounds with kids,

And we love you so.

Umm…Excuse me?  Yeah, I’m supposed to NOT be wearing a Christmas necklace.  K Thanks.

Doesn’t her face just look miserable?  You might be too if you had a short and pudgy little guy on your back in just a diaper and dark socks.

Think Etta James singing “At Last”.

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