Say that five times really fast.

Susannah turns five on Thursday.  You will have to listen to me ramble on about this a bit later in the week because for some odd reason, this is hurting my heart a little bit.

She is my baby yet she is becoming such a little girl.  She is so sweet and innocent and girlie and non-Hannah Montana-y or High School Musical-ish.  I love this about her.

On the other hand, she is learning to read and loving it.  She loves to “write” stories in her sparkly notebooks and relishes the time in bed at night when it’s just mommy and her so she can read them and listen to mommy comment on her work.

I think she has the writing bug.  I’m not sure where it came from.

This past Saturday, she had a “magical” (her word) birthday party at a cool little local placed called “All Fired Up.”  It’s one of those pick out your naked pottery kind of places then you paint it, they fire it, and voila!  You have a new piece of work to add to your collection.

The girls were also invited to dress as their favorite princess.  Sparkles. Pink. Purple. Tulle. Glitter.

Susannah was in heaven.  In her boy-infested world, she had an afternoon to embrace well…being a girl.

Embrace it she did.  She is still talking about it and wants to know if we can do it again, with all of the same people, same costumes, and same cake on her actual birthday, which is Thursday.

Sure honey.  Anything you ask.

I’m going to let these pictures from our precious and dear-to-the-heart day do the rest of the talking.

“Mommy, today was a perfect day,” she told me on the way home.

The pottery-painting princesses

What’s a party without face painting?

The finished product

Most of the girls chose “girly” things to paint such as kitty cats and flowers.

Susannah chose a shark.

She was the only one to choose a shark.

Again, I have no idea where these unusual traits are coming from.

The Barbie Princess Cake…again.

One of her favorite gifts – a stuffed puppy.

Happiness oozed out of her almost-five year old pores.

Seeing such joy in my child?  I won’t forget it.  It was a snapshot moment that will live in my heart forever.  I will always hear her giggles from that day. I will never forget the look of sheer joy she wore throughout the day.  I will forever hear  the exact intonations of her voice when she repeatedly said “Look, Mommy, Look!” and I’ll always remember that she said her party was “magical.”

Yes, it was magical, Susannah.  But so are you, my dear.  So are you…

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