So here’s the the next challenge I’m participating in with {W}rite-of-Passage…

The directions are:

The writer is the person who is standing apart. – Page 97 Bird by Bird.

“Think of those times when you’ve read prose or poetry that is presented in such a way that you have a fleeting sense of being startled by beauty or insight, by a glimpse into someone’s soul.” – pg 99.

This, today, is the ultimate challenge. To not see the filth or the reason but the objective reasons from within.

Alright.  First of all, can I state for the record that I love Anne Lamott more than life?  Her book Bird by Bird should be required reading for anyone who wants to write.

Secondly, I was scared out of my gourd to write this.  I had something that came to me immediately and I’ve been fighting it away ever since so I pretty much decided that if I am fighting it, I need to do it.

To give a little bit of background, I have been writing out my “life” story (it’s been a colorful one so far) because I will be sharing it next month with a group of moms.  The purpose is to illustrate how my faith was born and how it began to grow (and continues to grow for that matter).

Writing about it all has been very freeing to me as I have found some things brought to the surface that I thought I had dealt with.  I hadn’t.

I had not really let myself cry about some things I needed to cry about or hurt over some things I needed to hurt over.

While writing this little tale, I did allow all of that to rise to the surface.


But liberating.

For some reason, this came to me in the form of a haiku.  Not sure that I’m exactly following the above directions but I love directions like these because obscurity allows for some freedoms and nothing is better to a writer than freedom.  Huh.  That’s the theme of this little haiku here…

I see a mirror.  While looking in the mirror, this haiku came to me:

Release and be gone.

The caged bird sings because of

Freedom in the heart.

Bit by bit, we let it go until it merely becomes a piece of who we are but doesn’t define who we are.  Release and be gone.

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