Alright, friends.

You are never going to believe this one.

I actually had a really good time skiing for the first time.

I didn’t lose any limbs.  In fact, I didn’t fall.  Not once.

I learned how to control my speed as I was going down the slopes at what felt like 90 miles per hour.

I learned how to stop.

And for crying out loud, I learned how to turn.  Well, I’ll be…(please say this as if you are Barney Fife)

Oh and by the way – you know how they say you should play and do fun things (recreationally that is…:)) with your husband?

They’re right.  You should.

We had so much fun as we learned something new – together.  I felt our love grow just that much more on the slopes of Flat Top Mountain.

Here’s a photo montage of our wonderful fun…

Here’s yours truly as I put on a fake smile while waiting for our equipment rental

that took ages to obtain.

Dude.  Should I snowboard or ski?

Anna Wintour and Kermit the Frog hit the slopes.

These kids at ski school?  They were about four or five.

Some were a little older but still. Seriously.

Admittedly, I was quite nervous about the chairlift.

My mother had shared a hysterical story in which she had gotten off the lift,

fell down (I think she mentioned her gal pals and she had had a glass of Chard.  Or two.)

and someone wet their pants.  In the snow.  The lift had to be stopped until these cackling ladies

could get themselves up and out of the way.  Hysterical.

Luckily, it was far easier than what I thought it would be.

All for one and one for all,
My brother and my friend,
What fun we have,
The time we share,
Brothers ’til the end.
~Author Unknown

Speeding down the slopes, dude.  Gnarly.

A love that continues to grow…

and grow…

despite the various peaks and valleys we endure.

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