This is a photo of my sweet Sawyer, almost three and all boy in every way.

We spent the day at the amazing Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and he found this area in the Scienceworks section.

He was in hog heaven.

Sawyer loves construction vehicles, heavy machinery, and gadgets.

After letting him play for a bit, we needed to go.   We had been there for five hours. (Not in that exact spot, mind you – the entire museum.)

Solomon was done.  He could go no further.  His 18 months was showing.

When I told Sawyer it was time to go, he replied with a stern look, “Mommy.  I can’t go.  I’m working very hard.”

He stopped me dead in my tracks because this is so much what I believe educationally.  As a former progressive teacher that was always looking at the best ways for children to learn lasting knowledge and gain actual understanding rather than rote memorization, this reminded me of what I know to be true.

Children learn by doing.  Not by doing worksheets, though there is a time and place for “seat work” (but not all day).

By experiencing a garden instead of reading or watching a movie about it, by actually mixing colors with paints or food coloring rather than seeing a chart with the various colors that can be made by mixing primary colors, by experimenting with various states of water rather than reading about it in a text book.  The list goes on.

Can you imagine the dendrite growth that must have been going on in Sawyer’s little brain?

I let him keep working for a bit.

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