when I look at…

all four of you…(even when you are crying…)

I am dumbfounded…

by the proof of God’s goodness that you are.

On my darkest days, way back when, when I was uncertain of my plan, uncertain that there would ever be any goodness, you were always planned for me.

I have indeed been prospered.  I have absolutely been given hope.  And you were always my future.  Even way back then.  When it was just so dark.

The branches within me that did not bear fruit were cut.  The ones left behind were pruned.  And oh my… how they ever did grow in to be more fruitful.

Alright.  So I should have said all FIVE of you.  Please forgive me Princess Ellie Rose.

One of my favorite blogs is Under Grace and Over Coffee.  For more caffeinated randomness, click here.

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