Good day, lovely friends! I am not going to come up with anything quippy or fun today because well…I have spent about two and a half hours cleaning up dog doo from our backyard (more about this later) because the snow has finally melted and the life is gone from me at the moment. A bubble bath calls.

I just love Andrea’s blog at “Under Grace and Over Coffee.” Each Friday, she sponsors “Caffeinated Randomness” and I like to participate. I am asking that if your are visiting for CR (or anywhere else for that matter – I won’t discriminate!)  that you please humor me (well, really my Meemo) and read the next post and leave her a birthday wish. Pretty, pretty please?

Her birthday was yesterday but I am trying to get as many wishes to her as possible as she is a loyal reader of my blog. I hope at 84 I am reading blogs, too.

To read the other FANTASTIC blogs participating in Caffeinated Randomness, click here.

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friends. I am out for the weekend but will see your pretty faces on Monday!

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