Alright, friends…Some of you may know that I blog for an organization that supports all mothers as we raise our little beauties called “Hearts at Home”. This organization was started by Jill Savage, author of several books and a fantastically wonderful speaker and motivator for those of us currently navigating through the craziness of mommyland. She is the main coordinator and speaker of this event along with many other noteworthy names.

It is truly wonderful. I went last year with a friend and am returning this year with three more. It was motivating. It was spiritual. It was the shot in the arm I needed and friends, as mama’s, we all need those now and then.

Kevin Leman and Julie Barnhill were two of the big names among the presenters last year.  There were many others but as I write this at 11:26 p.m., names are leaving me.

I am quite excited to leave on Thursday and be gone until SATURDAY…Well, that alone stirs some love within my soul.  Yes, I will miss my children.  Yes, I will miss my husband (required disclaimer)  But oh…a little time away is good for all parties involved.

Did I mention that one of my favorites, Christy Nockels, will be performing?  Love. Her.

It’s not too late to go.  You won’t regret it.

However, if you can’t physically attend this year, there are loads of ways to participate right from home.  Check out the info below and feel free to contact me with any questions.  Would love to see some of you there!  The following was sent to me from the Hearts at Home office:

Mom, do you know how valuable you are?

Do you want to be inspired and encouraged?

Are you in need of refreshment or rejuvenation?

Do you want to laugh?

A Hearts at Home conference gives moms the unique opportunity to pause along their mothering journey to refresh, refocus, and renew themselves. The 2010 National Conference, Mom’s the Word, is being held at the Bone Student Center of Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois on March 12-13.

See what others are saying about a Hearts at Home conference:

“I attended the conference this year for the first time. I enjoyed it immensely. I was lifted up, instructed, convicted, encouraged, and brought to tears, sometimes all at the same time.”

“I loved it. I feel so full of information. I need to sit and read my notes and just process it. It was really encouraging to hear all the speakers and be with all of those moms. Thanks so much! “

“This past weekend was awesome and life changing. This was my first Hearts at Home Conference and I am telling everyone about it. “

“I want to thank you all for keeping these conferences going each year and for making them so refreshing for women at various stages in their parenting.”

Hearts at Home wants all mothers to know how valuable they are! Check out this video for a small dose of encouragement from Nicole Johnson and be sure to join us March 12th-13th for more!

Featured guests include Nicole Johnson, author & motivational speaker, a favorite at Women of Faith, Jill Savage, author, international speaker, CEO & founder of Hearts at Home, and Christy Nockles, Dove Award nominee & formerly of Watermark.

Visit for more information.

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