I am brain dead.   I am tired.  But I love Caffeinated Randomness so I must participate.

In honor of the fact that Andrea from Under Grace Over Coffee likes to keep things random, I have decided to post “25 Random Things About Natalie” that no one actually may really care about but that’s OK.  Did I mention that I’m tired tonight?  Here it goes, friends:

1.  I have the song “Take Over Me” by Aaron Shust stuck in my head at the moment.  Click on the video above and listen while you read – consider it my gift to you today.

2.  My two boys have the same initials but I didn’t realize it until my younger was two months old and someone asked if I had done that on purpose. Umm…No.

3.  When we found out we would be having a baby girl with our first child, we decided on the name “Amelia Susannah.”  After two days, we realized we would need to switch that around  a bit because think of the initials of a little girl named Amelia Susannah Snapp…Poor thing.

4.  Sometimes I don’t notice things. Clearly.

5. I’m a whole to part kind of person.  I must see the “big picture” before I formulate my game plan.

6.  I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2002.  Before I had children.

7.  I threw myself into running when I went through my divorce back in 2001.  I channeled Forrest Gump.

8.  My husband is the man I admire most in this world.  I love that man with an intensity I’ve never known until now.  I know…Gag.

9.  I am an obsessive reader of People magazine.  If I don’t get it on Thursday, my husband will roll his eyes as I contemplate out-loud if the mail carrier could have possibly taken my copy to read over the weekend.

10.  Sometimes I can be illogical.  Clearly.

11.  My Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group is fantastically wonderful.  I love the women I have met there who have become my sisters.

12.  I went to the National Conference this past fall and was led in worship by Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, Matthew West, and Plumb.  Now if that doesn’t move you, nothing will.

13. I love a good glass of Chardonnay.  Particularly La Crema and Sonoma Cutrer.  Yum…

14. My fingernails WILL NOT grow and if they do, they break immediately.  So annoying.

15.  I’m trying to be a runner again.

16.  I have to make my bed before I get into it at night.  This means that if I didn’t make my bed that day, I would have to make it before I get into at night.

17.  Sometimes I make no logical sense to my husband.

18. I’m an obsessive reader.  It’s really pretty out of control.

19.  I caved and bought a Nook, which is Barnes and Noble’s equivalent to the Kindle.  This old-school book girl LOVES it…

20.  I dream of getting a freelance writing career up and going NOW.

21.  But I have a lot to learn and am discovering it’s a slow process of figuring out how it all works.

22.  I’m trusting God’s plan for me though sometimes admittedly I struggle with surrendering this to Him.

23.  I used to teach elementary students – second and third grade multiage and Title One Reading.  I loved it.

24.  I also did professional development for educators for four years. I had the opportunity to travel the state and work with educators in the area of literacy.  I loved that, too.

25.  But the best job I’ve done so far is being home with my babies.  I don’t get these years back.  Yes, I have days when I think I might just be losing it (which is probably pretty accurate) but it’s worth it. So worth it…I plan to reinvent myself for when they are all in school – see number 20.

I hope you enjoyed some “random stuff” about me!  Click here for more “Caffeinated Randomness”.  Have a spectacular weekend, friends!

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