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Each Wednesaday, Amy Deanne at The 160 Acre Woods hosts “Word Filled Wednesdays” in which the idea is to find an image and verse combination that speaks to your soul. I found this meme last week and thought I would participate again because I enjoy these images so much.  Click here to see more.

After writing about the “Unfolding” that is going on within me, this photo and verse hit me straight in the chest.  When I am about to do something that will put me in the spotlight, I try to  assess if 1) I am doing this for my own selfish glory or 2) I am doing this for His glory.

I hate to admit that sometimes I find it is for my own selfish glory. I have learned to back-down when I come to this conclusion because when I do things for my glory it never works out well.  Hmm…

But if I can truly answer that I feel God leading me to whatever it is I am assessing and it is for His glory, it almost always works out better than I could have ever imagined.

He’s funny like that.

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