Today I am reminded of the Passover Meal (the Last Supper) and the washing of feet that Jesus did for all of his disciples – even Judas, who would ultimately betray him for five measly pieces of silver.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about foot washing.  In summary, while picking up 25 bags of dog doo (yes, 25) I realized that Jesus did this oh-so-disgusting-at-the-time deed for his disciples to show His love for them and to cleanse them ceremoniously of their sins.

We have only been up for an hour but I am finding that I’m doing those “foot washing” jobs with more joy today, more intention.  More love.

We made breakfast with giggles and no one had any drama (namely me).  We are quietly watching “The Backyardigans” before we go to a friend’s house to play.  I’m actually sipping on a cup of HOT coffee as I write this.  I searched for the scripture about the Last Supper on my iPhone and couldn’t find it.  I opened my Bible, a book of almost 2, 500 pages,  right to the first page of Luke.  Our God is so good.

Joy in small things.

Whose feet will you clean today?  What will you cleanse?

I’m washing the feet of my family and scrubbing them with patience.  As a full-time stay-at-home mommy, a blessing I am very thankful to accept, I often find my patience can be low.  I’m tired.  But today I am vowing to be intentionally patient and will wrap my words in love.  Who knows?  Maybe it could lead to something more permanent.  This is probably what Jesus would like anyway.

I’m also cleansing the words that come from my lips.  Yesterday, I was pulled over for driving 44 miles per hour in a 30 zone.  Not exactly Mario Andretti material but nevertheless, I was guilty.

As I was pondering what to make for dinner, I looked up to see the unmistakable flashing red and blue lights in my rear-view mirror.  “S(*&” I muttered under my breath.

Or at least I thought it was under my breath.

“Why you say s&^%, mama?” asked Sawyer.

“Shoot.  I said shoot, honey.  Mama was driving too fast and now the policeman is pulling me over, ” I replied.

“Oh.  You said shoot?”  he wanted to clarify.

“Yes, honey.  Shoot, ” I stated again.

I still don’t really want him saying “shoot”.  But it is better than what I actually said.

The police officer gave me a warning.  Sawyer did, too.

Be careful of the words for they are listening.  To every little thing. Time to cleanse.

May you clean someone’s feet today.  May someone clean yours.

And just stop for a minute and remember.   To be thankful.  To feel the sadness for Mary, mother of Jesus.  For Jesus who knew what was coming.

Who paid for transgressions he didn’t commit.

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