I just sat down to do some writing and you know what?  It’s like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip tonight.  My creative “writer wheels” refuse to turn and I have been feeling this way for the past two weeks.  I think I am needing some prayer that it will pass and I can get going again.

In the meantime, I am going to post an amazing recipe for all you recipe-lovin’ friends out there.

I quit posting recipes on a consistent basis a few months ago because I didn’t want to be committed to a regular feature on a specific day. Requirements ruin things for me.  The examples of this in my life are endless but this isn’t what this post is about so we will save that for another day.

My friend, Karri, revealed her amazingly-stocked-full binder of delicious recipes to me this past weekend.  Since we have been in a bit of a food rut lately, I decided to check out her over 500 pages of recipes clipped from various sources.  It’s an incredible collection.  I was in awe.

I kept the sucker for the afternoon and planned our weekly menu around some of the new recipes I discovered in this ginormous binder.

Tonight we had Santa Fe Crock Pot Chicken.  Oh my.  I fell in love.  For many reasons, but mainly because 1) if you can’t follow this recipe, you might need to just resign to a life of take-out – it’s easier than easy, 2) it’s healthy and low fat, and 3) it’s done in the crockpot.  In fact, I didn’t even get it going until 1:30 this afternoon and after cooking it on “high” for four hours, it was done.  Love. It. Enjoy, friends.  I hope I made your life a little easier this week!

Santa Fe Crock Pot Chicken

1 – 2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 can of black beans, drained

2 cans of corn (I just threw some frozen corn in a bowl and microwaved it a little before I add it)

1 medium jar of picante sauce or salsa

shredded cheese

1.  Mix the bean, corn, and half of the sauce/salsa together and put it in the bottom of the crock pot.

2.  Place chicken on top and pour remainder of sauce/salsa on top.

3.  Cook on low for six hours or on high for four hours.

4.  Right before serving, put cheese on top and melt.  We forgot to do this and it was still amazing so if you are watching your weight, skip it!

5.  Shred chicken and mix all together.  Serve on top of brown rice or use as burrito filling.

We ate this savory concoction on top of brown rice but the possibilities are endless.  I used it as a dip with tortilla chips and it was delicious and I think the burrito idea is a wonderful one as well.  JJ roasted some asparagus and it made a wonderful meal.

I think we have found a new favorite to put next to the Slow Cooker Buffalo Sandwiches. Of course, my children would not eat it but they don’t eat anything.  Maybe yours will.  And if they do?  Please tell me your tricks.

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