I love when my house smells good.  Truth be told, I’m not sure how often this happens since I do have three young children and an 85 pound dog. Maybe that’s why I notice when it does smell yummy because well…often it does not.

I particularly love to match scents to fit the season we are experiencing – pumpkin-like aromas in the fall, evergreen and “snowflake” in the winter, anything floral in the spring, and for summer, I love beach-type fragrances and anything that hints at the laid-back vibe I feel from late May until September.

My friend, Kim, is a consultant for a company called Scentsy. The idea is that through their special “warmers”, you can choose scents that will fill your home without a flame.  Again, as someone who has a house filled with curious hands, the idea of something that emits a fragrance without fire appealed to me greatly.

I ordered a beautiful warmer with a cross and several different types of fragrances to go with the current season.  I can’t wait to try “Mayflowers” and “Fresh Lavender” among others.

However, this got me thinking about other scents I absolutely adore but didn’t find in the catalog.

If I was a “New Scent Developer” (I completely made this title up – I’m not sure if this job exists but it should!) for Scentsy, I am certain the company would attain record sales with the following new aromas:

1.  Newborn Baby Head

2.  Fresh Out of the Tub Children

3.  The Pages of a Book

4.  Newly-Sharpened Pencils (yes, I am weird and no, I don’t have OCD)

5.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Breath Kiss

Maybe someone at Scentsy will see this post and get to work.  In the meantime, I’ll have to sniff in extra deep when presented with the real thing – after all, there just might be no substitute for these things anyway.

What about you?  What scents would you add to the list that you probably wouldn’t find in the catalog?

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