I have the old ’90’s song by Salt and Pepa entitled “I Aint to Proud to Beg” going through my head these days… Because, well.  I aint.

Thanks to precious Michelle from “Boytrapped”, I have been nominated for the “Most Inspirational Blog” at the “I Am Mommy” blog.  What a gift and honor, sweet Michelle.  I thank you so very much.

Would you please take a moment and click here to vote for me? While you are there, will you please cast a ballot for Michelle at “Boytrapped” under “Best Parenting” blog as well?

Remember – I aint to proud to beg…

On another note, the May issue of Exemplify is out and yours truly is a feature writer this month.  I wrote a pretty transparent article on “faithfulness” and I encourage you to read it.  In addition, please pass along to anyone else going through life’s trials – there IS a light at the end.  There is.  My article is on page 12 and can be found below but if you are like me and would enjoy reading it in an actual magazine format (i.e. turning pages right to left instead of scrolling up and down) click here and go to the actual magazine. I know.  I’m quirky.

If you don’t know about Exemplify, now’s the time to discover it.  It is simply wonderful – the writers are fantastic and I absolutely adore and love this group of Christian women writers.  I learn so much from them on a daily basis about so many things – writing, compassion, humility, my walk with God.  The topics are endless and applicable to all.

Have a wonderful day, beloveds.  I love this word – beloved.  It’s so what we are.  I’ve decided to call us all that instead of “friends”.  You are my friends, of course, but friend just sounds so generic.  I like “beloved” because it reminds us all that we are indeed that.  Beyond what we could ever possibly fathom.

May Exemplify Magazine

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