“Oooo…I’m missin’ you…Tell me why the road turns?”   goes the song by Diana Ross and that’s what we’re singing around this house these days.

We have done quite well since my husband decided to up and leave and go hike to Machu Picchu in Peru for 12 days (I like to make it sound random but really this trip has been planned since the end of last summer). 

But yeah…Now, I’m just plain old ready to see his cute mug and the kids are  just plain old ready to climb all over him.  There is simply an absence in our home that only my husband can fill and it needs to be filled soon.

The kids are getting cranky and whiny which ALWAYS happens when something has run amock in their world.  Things that seem small to us are often so huge to kids and they deal with it in ways that aren’t really so different from adults but is manifested in a way that just seems different.  I think I’ve been a little crankier and maybe a little whiny, too.

Every now and then, Solomon will come up to me and with his chubby little arms and precious 22 month old speech, say “Where’s Daddy?”  It breaks my heart as I tell him yet again that he is still gone and we have three more days to go.  Time is not something he can fathom right now and that’s a good thing.  Sawyer and Sarah have found it to be a necessity that they touch me pretty much at all times. 

It reminds me so much of when Piglet says to Pooh, “I just want to be sure of you.”

Here is a photo of my super stud world traveling husband in the airport snapped by his pal as they endured an 11 hour layover…  This is so the epitome of his personality – laid back, listening to good music, trying to take a nap.

Hurry home, dear one.  We just so want to be sure of you.

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