The above phrase is one of my very favorites of all-time.  Nothing quite captures extreme stress as much as simply saying “Yep, I’m running through hell in my gasoline panties…”  It really just sums it all up, doesn’t it?

I can’t take credit for the greatness of this phrase.  My very dear friend, Jen, who is ironically about to become an ordained pastor, shared this little nugget of wisdom with me some time ago and I use it often when the situation calls for it.

Like now.

OK.  Hear me out on this one.

I’m incredibly blessed beyond belief.  No one is sick.  No one has been killed in an accident (God forbid).  No one has been in a dangerous situation.  We don’t have to worry about where our next meal will come from and we have shelter that keeps us warm and dry.  We are all alive and have made it through 12 days without hubs/daddy.

But in the last week…

1.  My bank account was broken into not once, but twice.  The first time around, the bandits ran away with a $2,100 purchase at a Best Buy in Boston (new flat screen anyone?).  This was right before JJ left the country.  Closing the account, we thanked God for the goodness of Regions Bank’s fraud protection, filled out some paperwork, then waited for our reimbursement.  This past Friday, I got a call from Peru…It went like this:

JJ:  Did you spend $695.00 at a Whiskey store?

Me:  Yes.  It’s gotten that bad…NO!  Of course not, why?

JJ:  How about the El Comino Hotel in Vegas?

Me:  Caught me.  I’m actually in Vegas.  Left the kids at home and am playing the slots.

JJ:  7-11 in Vegas?

Me:  Umm…no.

Yep, at it again.  We are now down about $4,200.00. We will get it all back, plus the overdraft fees that have been assessed, but NOT FOR TEN DAYS.  Gee, thanks so much.

2.  My dog has diarrhea.  It started last Saturday when she decided to have it all over the dining room floor.  It has continued to the backyard where my children like to play.  I also had to take her for her shed treatment that was, of course, due now.  Ellie Rose might be moving to Cambodia.  We will then only be getting a dog that does not poo.  Know of any?

3.  The garbage disposal broke.  Not earth-shattering but a pain in the arse nonetheless.  Especially since JJ kept telling me to just bang a knife around in it and loosen whatever it was.  I did.  So did our neighbor.  $69.50 later, it was fixed thanks to Trustworthy Appliance.

4.  Susannah now has a retched cold and both of my boys have ear infections.  Solomon is on his fourth since March and Sawyer his second since April.  Tubes are coming our way again.

5.  Last but not least, most certainly, is the fact that the mouse on my laptop quit working.  It simply broke while I was using it…I took it to Best Buy (I am not being paid by Best Buy to mention them twice in this post by the way) and guess what?  They have to send it in and I will be without said laptop for TWO TO FOUR WEEKS.  Seriously.  I’m really  not kidding.  That’s how long it will take to fix the freakin’ thing.

So while I’m going to keep up with posting on my blog, I am not sure how often I will get around to visiting others and commenting because well, I have to go to my husband’s office to do so and it’s not attached to our house.  Sure it’s in the backyard, but it is so not as convenient as the laptop and when he returns, we will be sharing his desktop.  I’m certain it won’t be pretty.  Stick with me for the next few weeks – I beg of your grace.

All this to say that at one point, I used to think that spiritual warfare was something religious fanatics talked about.  The Church Lady from Saturday Night Live back in the day.  Jerry Falwell.  Those who pull out the snakes and speak in tongues (please do not be offended if you do this.  It’s just not my worship style.)  But no, I now know that spiritual warfare indeed does exist and it’s alive and well.  Right here as I’m running through hell in gasoline panties.

But the panties are about to be changed for the non-flammable kind because my partner will return tomorrow.  I will then have a little bit more help with managing life in general but could it really be as exiciting as this past week has been? 

How has your week been?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…

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