Today’s post will be oh so brief because as I write, I just want to be in my bed.  I’m so very tired.  Let me tell you why.

My fantastically wonderful friends, Karri and Shawna, are mavens at the art of organization.  A few weeks ago, Karri shared with me that she had had a dream that she organized my kitchen and it was wonderful.

I wasn’t sure how to take that.  Was she suggesting I was unorganized?


I am completely kidding – we all know I am during this season of my life.

But you know what gets me?  I used to really be a Type A.  I used to be organized with a cutesy little place for everything.  I didn’t spend valuable minutes of my life looking for sunglasses that were on top of my head nor did I leave the cordless phone on top of the outside trashcans.

Regardless of this, Karri’s dream sparked a reality and we all got to work.  They have made it their mission to get this kitchen of mine into shape which would in turn decrease frustration as I am digging through cupboards to find my 9 x 13 baking pan.  They are determined to stop my spices from pelting the person who dared to open the door in the head and spill all over the counter.

They are going to force me to unload a bunch of junk that we don’t even need.  That takes up space.  That zaps valuable energy and serves no purpose.

When we moved to this new community three years ago, I had a two and a half year old and was a month away from delivering my second child.  The second child came three weeks early – if you are math-challenged like me, this equates to giving birth a mere ten days after moving.

I knew not a soul.  I lived in a city in which I didn’t know how to get around.  I had a toddler.  My new baby was grouchy.  He cried constantly and so did I.

I unpacked the essentials and organized the best I could.  I shoved the rest around.

By the time Sawyer was six months old, I was feeling better, meeting new friends, and didn’t feel quite so overwhelmed.  I began to go through stuff and started unloading and organizing.  It created instant peace within my soul.

I quit for a few days because I was just so tired.  I was also very nauseous.  I needed to take a breather while I let the bug pass.

It wasn’t a bug.

I soon found myself with a toddler, a six month old, and another baby on the way.  I literally changed my focus to attempting to just survive – to keep my kids and myself alive was the only thing on my “to do” list.

Stuff got shoved around again.

So here I am now, with a baby that is almost two.  I’m ready to start on this project again – three years after moving in.

For the record, there is no chance I will be getting another “bug” this time around.  We have taken some permanent measures against that one.

While sorting through all of this stuff, I was astounded by what I have allowed to just take up space in my cabinets.  Mismatched lids, cups that no longer have tops, mustard packets from restaurants, and Sesame Street cake toppers from a year ago all took up valuable real estate space in my crowded and busy kitchen.

This got me thinking – what other junk do I need to sort through and get rid of?  What do I need to keep and what needs to be released?

All of this stuff, physical and emotional, just builds up.  It takes up space.  It often doesn’t even necessarily serve a purpose and it absolutely decreases energy. It takes away our focus on the one who desires us most of all.  It clouds the view that should be fixed solely on Him.

I can’t afford to let any energy be released on this junk anymore.

The cleansing going on in our house is not just within the kitchen.

It’s within the soul.

And the older I get, the more I see that some of the stuff just needs to be thrown out.  Au revoir.

But still…Check out this pantry…I’m in love…

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