The other day, Sawyer was playing on our playset and was tickled beyond belief by a little game he invented.  Calling down to me on the ground, he would say “Mommy…You can’t see me!!!!”  and giggle away until he popped his little head out of the window of his “fort” on top of the slide.  Playing along, I acted as if he had fooled me and this tickled him even more.

My children love to hide.  When JJ comes home after a long day at work, this is their favorite thing to do – giggles flying through the air that give away their whereabouts and hidden eyes that make them feel like they are invisible abound throughout our living room until he asks “Where are my children?” in a concerned and silly voice.

He acts befuddled until they see his anguish and run out and yell “We’re here!  We’re here, Daddy”!

How often do I want to yell out “I’m here!!!  I’m here, Daddy!” and yet, He knows where we are all of the time.  We never have to worry about this with our God – there is nowhere we can go that will allow us to flee from his presence.  Nowhere we can hide.  Thank. God.  How comforting to know He is always with us.

Yet with that comes some responsibility.  While He is always with us when we particularly need to hold His hand, He is also with us when we have acted in a way that would disappoint Him.  When He weeps for our harsh words and our mean-spirited thoughts of another one of his children.

Where can we go from His Spirit?  Where can we flee from His presence?

Nowhere.  And I choose to take joy in this – even when I am not so proud of my behavior.  My words.  My thoughts.  Because the best thing is that while He will correct us and force us to learn from the foibles that plague us each day, He still loves us beyond belief at the same time.

His grace is enough.

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