I think I might end up being one of those people who will “fail” at retirement.  I’m supposed to be off this week and most of next but obviously, I’m not.  However, this WILL be it for the next week.  I mean it.

I recently was connected with Beth from The Fabulous Won, who runs an incredibly amazing site that features product reviews and giveaways.  Her blog is huge – she gets about 20,000 page views each month.

Beth lives not far from me and had contacted our local news station to see if they would be interested in doing a story on the blogging world.  She also told them about me.  What a dear, right?

Fast forward to today when the news crew arrived at 8:30 to meet Beth and I at my house.  After shuttling my children off with JJ to a neighbor’s home, we got to work right away.  That news world is speedy quick and ever so punctual.  I think it’s probably a good thing I did not land in that field.

Here’s the story and clip – it’s a shorty but a goody.  Enjoy.

I’m off to Green Lake, Wisconsin for wedding #3 in the trifecta of family weddings this summer.  Congratulations to Jessica and Matt!  We are beyond happy for you and welcome Matt to our family with love.  We ALL love you both!

And just in case you didn’t get enough of me, here’s the accompanying story.  Seriously.  I’m just about tired of myself.  Sorry for the shameless plugs.  This is really for my mother.  Isn’t your mother always wanting every detail of anything good that happens to you?

Women use blogs for advice, news, entertainment

Updated: Wednesday, 07 Jul 2010, 6:59 PM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 07 Jul 2010, 12:31 PM EDT

(WLFI) – Many people use blogs as way to express themselves, stay informed, and keep in touch. But for busy mother of four, Beth Grund, blogging has turned into a lucrative side job.

“A couple of years ago I heard about blogs and I was like, what is that? It just seemed like a foreign word and now it’s just part of what I do,” Grund said.

Grund runs a blog called The Fabulous Won . She reviews products and offers giveaways for her readers.

Last summer, Grund was a blogging novice. But now a year later she has more than 20,000 page views every month.

“In the beginning I was lucky that Elmer’s Glue was my first company and then some other big name companies followed,” Grund said.

Big names indeed; Crest, Gerber, and Macy’s are just a few of the companies Grund works with on a daily basis.

West Lafayette mom Natalie Snapp dishes out inspiration to her readers. She runs the blog, Mommy On Fire .

“When my kids got older, I realized I needed a regular platform where I was writing and eventually I just got a readership. It just sort of happens in the blogsophere,” Snapp said.

She said she needed a place to write a few times a week. Both moms said blogs provide them a creative outlet .

“It is my connection. And, it’s nice to relate with other moms and have my regulars that come and comment on picture posts I put and some products that worked for them or they learned from my blog. It’s fun to meet new people,” Grund said.

“For me, it’s just writing and getting that out and the accountability. Because I do have a readership and I feel like I have a responsibility to them now to provide that content,” Snapp said.

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