Oh, that man o’ mine…Since we just celebrated six years of wedded bliss (eight years together), it has been stirring in me a bit to write about my true north, the man who always helps me keep perspective, who encourages me to grow in all areas of my life, who saves the curly tortilla chips and the almost-popped kernels for me because he knows they’re my favorite.  The man who laughs at the fact that I leave the cordless phone on top of the trashcan in the garage, who is my biggest cheerleader, who never, ever says “no” to anything I want to do, and makes fun of the fact that I have no spatial abilities whatsoever (never ask me to pack a car or solve a geometry proof.  Uck.).  Yes.  That man.

When we met, I was a little bit raw but learning to stand on my own two feet.  In fact, I think we could safely say that I had indeed learned to do so but there were days I was still a bit wobbly. I was a colt – I had just gone through a very painful divorce in which deception and pain ripped me to my core.  I was 27.

He was also newly-divorced and a little raw as well. His ex-wife had been unfaithful.  He had also been deceived and yes, he was 27.

Coincidence?  I think not.

There were so many reasons why our relationship should not have worked – we were both wounded birds, we still weren’t COMPLETELY sure who we really were but yet we believed wholeheartedly in Jesus, and unfortunately, second marriages have a higher divorce rate than firsts.  The odds were not in our favor with the exception of the one that was the most important.

On this Multitude Monday, I am thanking God so much for the gift He gave me when he sent my husband to me on that spring evening back in 2002.  I knew as soon as I opened the door for our first date that he was the one I was going to marry.

We dated for two years then I did indeed marry that scruffy dentist that was, and continues to be, a study of contradictions – he loves NASCAR yet reads Freud and C.S.Lewis.  He loves to go hunting but enjoys cycling just as much.  He recently bought a Ford F-150 (LOUD!) pick-up truck but also enjoys the niceness of a good sedan.  I will never have this man completely figured out.

We married on July 16, 2004 but we had a happy engagement gift along the way…I was eight weeks pregnant on our wedding day.  Oops.

We decided to get a puppy to break us into new parenthood.  Not sure if that was a smart decision or not but we love our sweet Ellie Rose so I will venture to say it was smart…Most of the time.

We had that sweet baby on Feburary 11, 2005.  We were thrilled and scared beyond belief at the same time.  Somehow, she survived her inept parents and continues to thrive today as girl about to go to Kindergarten.

Then we moved to a completely new city/community/no support system, and ten days later welcomed our second child…

15 months later we welcomed another…

Three children within five years, a move to a different city in which we knew not-a-soul, several peaks and valleys, and good days and bad later, I would do it all over again.

Happy Anniversary, Baby.  I always got you on my mind.* (See footnote below)

And now I continue my list as I write towards the gratitude of 1,000 things….

21.  My husband’s love for Jesus

22.  My husband’s hysterical wit that has caused me to wet my pants more times than I care to admit

23.  My husband’s wisdom

24.  My husband’s patient and loving manner in which he parents our children

25.  My husband’s amazing generosity

26.  My husband’s inclination to be a Renaissance Man who is interested in almost everything (Latin, German, Classical Guitar, Cigars – the list goes on…)

27.  My husband’s smile, yes, but oh my…those dimples.  I am certain they are responsible for the conception of all three of our children.

28.  My husband’s desire to always be better than he is at any given moment

29.  My husband’s passion for helping people

30.  My husband.  Just the whole package.  And the fact that he warms my feet in bed.

* For those of you too young to know, this is a song.  I was terrified some would believe I actually wrote this horrid grammar without knowing it’s horrid grammar and well, while I can’t do geometry, I know my prepositional phrases and sentence diagramming…

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