God has really been speaking to me a lot lately through song.

In fact, I’m finding that almost every song I hear is making me think of Him – even when I’m not tuned in to K-Love or The Message.

I’ve pulled away lately, friends.  My belief never wavers but admittedly, I sometimes take Him for granted.  I forget who’s in charge and attempt to navigate this world on my own.

Then I find myself missing Him and longing for time in His arms.  I long for Him to hold me, to romance me, in a way that only He can.

Walking is a deeply spiritual time for me and last week, I realized that I had not walked in almost two weeks.  No wonder I felt like He was so far away.

During this season of young children, I’m finding that I struggle immensely with being able to schedule a regular time to read scripture and pray. I want it.  I long for it.  But I can’t seem to figure out when to do it.

I’m so exhausted.  I try not to be but alas, I am.

The other day I was reading a book in which the mother character told her son that she needed a break every now and then because “taking care of people all of the time is exhausting.”

Upon reading those words, I froze.  Isn’t this so true?  I adore my children and my sweet husband.  After God, they are my lifeblood.

But this stage?  Yep.  Exhausting.

Last Thursday, it literally downpoured all afternoon.  We had planned to go to the pool but found ourselves having a home movie theater instead.  By the time everyone was in bed, my well was empty.

Seeing that it was dry outside, I hurriedly put in my earbuds and plugged in my iPod.  I selected a Playlist and put it on “Shuffle” – I always figure God knows the songs I need to hear at that given moment.

He never fails to deliver.

I had forgotten that I downloaded “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders a long while ago but as soon as it came on, I was so grateful that I did.

And then I found myself really listening to the lyrics.

It was as if God was speaking them directly to me.  In the words of a Pretenders song.

Never underestimate what He will use.  He’s even spoken to me over dog doo.

After listening to the song a few times and with tears streaming down my face (yes, I’m certain I’m the neighborhood crazy lady) I realized that God had blessed me with beautiful images during my walk as well – glistening flowers that had been watered throughout the day , brightly-colored Monarchs, and a few giggling children were passed on my route.

When I was almost home, the clouds parted and a few rays of sunshine bashfully peeked through the rain clouds that had plagued us all day.  The sky lit up to a bright pink and the clouds released those timid rays for just a few minutes.

The above image is what I saw.

He never fails to make me swoon.

I am so thankful that I have a God that stands by me, that never leaves me or forsakes me.  That is unconditional in His love for me.  That waits patiently while He watches me try to do it alone.  That stays the same and never changes.  That doesn’t go anywhere, even when I do.

Thank you, dear God, for standing by me.  Always.

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Should you want to stick around for a few minutes, feel free to listen to “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders.

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