I’m totally random today so it’s perfectly fitting that I link up with Andrea from Under Grace and Over Coffee.  You will absolutely want to visit her site to read some wonderful ladies doing God’s work through writing and other ministries.  I adore them all.

I know I have mentioned recently that we are completely the “Beverly Hillbillies” this summer.  Our backyard make me shudder – between the plastic baby pool and the random sand toys, to the Lightning McQueen Slip ‘n’ Slide to a bird feeder in which the seeds are clumped together from too much moisture and beckons to be cleaned but I don’t want to so I don’t, to the patches of grass that WILL NOT grow because of our dog and said baby pool and Slip ‘n’ Slide, we are quite a sight.  I used to think I would rather die than have all of this stuff sitting around and felt that I always needed to apologize or explain but I don’t anymore.  Anyone who walks into my home and spends more than five minutes with us will know why our backyard looks the way it does.

It’s happy chaos.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I would change it if I really wanted to but the great thing about being almost 37 (gasp) is that I don’t worry about stuff like this anymore because it is so not a big deal.  Whew.

This is what my mother sent to me this past week via email:

Redneck Hanging Basket

I find this to be completely fitting and apropos for our backyard decor.  I also have several old bras that need a new purpose.  I think I found a way to use them.

I just wrote a piece for Exemplify on decorating your home for autumn on a budget – I’m just sorry I didn’t see this before the article was submitted.  This would have been a great idea to share with the readers of Exemplify don’t you think?

We will line our fence with these planters and I know it will look lovely.  Then I will put temporary tattoos on my children and we’ll lounge around our plastic pool.  Please don’t send me hate mail about people with tats – I married one.  I know about your breed.  I love you all.

On another note, I want to thank Jen from “Finding Heaven Today” for honoring me this week with the “Blog of Substance” Award.  I love the meaning behind this award and it’s an honor to be considered of substance, so thank you sweet Jen.  I enjoy your blog immensely and love that you are also a fellow writer.

As part of this award, I am asked to use just five words to describe my blog…Tough one but here’s what I came up with:


It’s not earth-shattering or too riveting, but it’s true.  I don’t write for my glory.  It’s for Him.

On that note, God has placed it on my heart to share something as part of my “Life Story” series next week that was a source of pain for me at one time and very controversial.  I’m worried how it will be perceived and yet I’ve been feeling the tap on the shoulder to share and I no longer can deny the call.  My delayed obedience has resulted in disobedience and I feel like I can’t put it any longer.  I’ll publish it Wednesday or Thursday.  Please pray for my courage and for those who will be reading.

Happy weekend to you all.  See you on Monday, dear friends!

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