Sing the title of this post to the ’80’s tune “Ghostbusters” – remember “I aint ‘fraid of no ghost”?

Again, I’m a grammar/english nerd.  It pains me to write it and yet it’s what’s going through my mind as I do.  I can’t help myself.

Susannah, my oldest child, has a personality in which she is frightened of much.  Daddy Long Legs.  Strangers (thank God). Cars in the parking lot.  Going down a slide.  Water.  JJ and I often worry that she is going to grow up to have panic disorders, anxiety levels off-the-charts, OCD.  I have faith in God that it’s because she is our very careful firstborn but I do find myself looking for ways to pull her out of her shell.  I don’t ever mutter the words “Be careful!” when I leave her because, God love her, she will take that literally. Instead, I tell her to “Take a risk!” because if I slip and utter the dreaded “Be careful!” she will spend so much time being careful that she won’t do anything else BUT be careful.

And then there is our second-born, sweet Sawyer, who needs no help in this area.  He’s pretty much not scared of anything.  Except for ladybugs.  Go figure.

I absolutely tell him to be careful ANY TIME I am not around.

Exhibit A

For the record, Solomon is pretty much following in the footsteps of his older brother and will someday, mark my words, jump from airplanes and participate in extreme sports competitions.  I’d rather not think about that for now.  I pretty much tell him to “be careful”, too.

Susannah is very particular about water – in fact, earlier in the summer when she took her first round of swimming lessons, they suggested she actually GO BACK to the class below because she would never leave the wall.

This is fine and dandy except for the fact that Sawyer was in the class below and, when I asked her if she would like to try his class (I didn’t dare tell her that it was suggested she should) she informed me that she would not be doing that because “that class is for babies” thankyouverymuch.

Luckily, I didn’t have to broach this topic because another round of lessons wouldn’t have worked out in our summer schedule anyway.  Therefore, to help her work through this intense fear of water which really equates to the fear of being out of control (I have no idea where she gets this…), we decided to have her take a few private lessons.

They are working.

When we went on vacation to Wisconsin a few weeks ago, she swam like a fish with her “hippo floaty” – albeit she was in the baby pool but still…She submerged her entire face under water and had a ball.

When I later praised her for her courage and asked what made her feel like she was ready to fly free and leave the wall, she said, “I knew God was with me.  I knew you were there and I knew He would not let you let me drown.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

God will never, ever, ever, EVER let us drown.  He may allow us to walk through trials – in fact, he guarantees it.  But our God will never let us drown.

Not ever.

So if you find yourself holding on to the wall, find yourself treading, remember that He won’t ever let go of you.

Not ever.

For more Word Filled Wednesday, visit Internet Cafe Devotions.  You’ll be blessed beyond measure.

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