Whew.  After yesterday’s post, we are going to go nice and easy today…

We have a horrible addiction going on at our house.

Thankfully, it’s not drugs.  It’s not alcohol or porn.  It’s not food (Well.  Maybe sometimes it is.)  It’s not gambling.

Holy Chow, as I’ve recently taken to saying.  It’s the freakin’ paci.  Or “ci-ci’s” as they are called in our home.

Sawyer is almost three and a half and is still allowed to feed his addiction during nap time and bed time.  He is already older than Susannah was when we cut her off and his dentist father is getting antsy.

I’m leaving next week and will be going to Orlando with 12 wonderful women from my MOPS group for the MOPS Convention (No.  I am not excited about this in the least.  HA!)

One of my dear friends who is also our neighbor mentioned that sweet JJ told her in passing, while I was occupied with the children,  that he was going to pull the plug on the paci.

Good luck.  (Cue evil scary laugh…)

But seriously, I know he will be able to pull it off and it will only irritate me just slightly.  When I was sleep-training my babes, I always had to snooze in the basement because I couldn’t stand to hear their cries.  Thankfully, my husband took the reigns on that one, too.

He’s definitely the “tougher” parent, the one that takes no bull.  Mr. No-Nonsense.

And yet he is incredibly silly with them as well – he’s really just a wonderful daddy.  (Cue the gag.)

The saving grace will be the fire station by Imaginex that Sawyer has been coveting for three weeks now.  As I explained to him, the “Paci Fairy” will take his paci’s and give them to his baby brother (who needs to wean too for that matter but I am only doing one at a time, thankyouverymuch) and she will then leave  him something as a prize for this accomplishment.

He wants that fire station, by golly.

I am not above bribery.

But this is JJ’s gig.  We shall see.

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