Let’s just take a moment and pretend today is Monday.  Yes, I realize the actual day is Tuesday but let’s go back in time “Groundhog Day” – style and pretend it’s actually 24 hours ago.


Well…I should have written last night after returning home from Orlando at 7:30 p.m. but I really just needed to snuggle on my family a bit and then there was the tired thing.  Ah, the tired thing. I could do so much if it weren’t for that.

So we are going to be like my children and just pretend…

Sometimes you just have to leave the chaotic little world you live in and have a bit of a break – a break in which one must only be responsible for herself, a break in which one is not so desperately needed though if truth be told, sometimes this feeling isn’t SO bad.  I mean it IS good job security and all.  A break in which you can just laugh real, true belly-laughs with girlfriends who love our God and their families.

I laughed a lot this past weekend.  Our trip to Orlando for the MOPS Convention was hysterically funny, rich in content and absolutely moved me closer to our God.  Not to mention I was with 12 pals that are truly such gifts to my soul.  God has blessed me with tremendous friendships.

And you know what?  At the end of the day, I can honestly say I don’t know how anyone gets by in this world without girlfriends.  I absolutely couldn’t do it without the laugh of Staci Lee, the “I-Know-How-You-Feel” of Libby, the steadfast faith of Nicole, the practicality and sassiness of Kelli.  The ability to pick up right where we left off of Jennifer, the compassion of Katherine, the wisdom of Stulp (no, not her first name).  The laughter and generosity of Karri, the always-know-where-you-stand of Shawna.  The creativity of Rachel, the organization of Jen, the quiet strength of Kim, the philanthropic spirit of Susan, and the heart of Julie.

What on earth would I do?  How on earth would I do it?  These women literally encourage and show me how to be a better wife, mother, woman,  and servant of God – my family benefits immensely from the relationships I have with my “Board of Directors.”

So my list of “1,000 things” of gratitude continues on this Multiple MONDAY….  Yes, Monday.

51.  My girlfriends, who carry me.  You know who you are.

52.  My site is now VIRUS-FREE!!!!  Whew – thanks for sticking with me through that one.  Apparently, Mommy on Fire was a little appealing to hackers – I don’t know…Maybe I should feel like I have officially arrived?

53.  Seeing the joy and excitement of my children after being away from them for four days.

54.  Mothering them with a rejuvenated spirit that is more apt to “parent the heart”.

55.  My new air popper.  Yum.  Natural.  Healthy.  WOO. HOO.

56.  The reconnection to a sweet cousin of my children who will be more involved in our lives

57.  Indiana Sweet Corn from the cart.  Oh. My.

58.  Perfectly-matched scripture for the day – “I will not be ashamed of the Gospel.”  And I’m so not.  It’s about time.

59.  Hershey’s Toffee with Almonds Nuggets

60.  Sharpening my discernment skills by reading a great book, The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg.

I’m a little bit behind in my life.  I currently have 55o emails in my Inbox and might I add that I say this to not try and convince you that I am oh so popular – it’s because I am absolutely horrible about deleting messages from VistaPrints and Pampers and all the other junk that comes in.  My goal is to tackle this problem throughout the week but please know that I will be e-mailing back or visiting your blog very soon.

“Give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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