My sweet potty-trained, non-paci using boy…

And just so you know, I said I would never allow my children to wear clothing that featured licensed characters.

Clearly, as you can see, I have eased up in that area a bit.

Chalk that up to another “I will never” moment that I thought BEFORE I had children…

It’s official.  Tonight we placed a bag of paci’s in the tree in our front yard and said “good-bye.”  The “Paci Fairy” will visit during the night to take the bag, which will be presented to Solomon in the morning, and leave behind a talking Woody doll from “Toy Story 3” that specifically says “Reach for the Sky!” for Sawyer.  That phrase was important.   Sawyer specifically repeats that one a lot and wouldn’t you know, it’s an additional $15 to get a doll that actually says it?

Criminy.  I fell for it.  After all, we ARE finally getting rid of the paci at almost 3 1/2 years old.  My teeth lovin’ hubby was overjoyed.

No cries.  No protests.  No whining.

So I am left wondering “Why on EARTH have I not done this until now?” Seriously.

On this Multitude Monday, I am thankful for so much.  But perhaps I am most thankful for conversations that make me giggle, such as the one Sawyer and I had this evening while laying in his bed:

Sawyer: So the Paci Fairy will fly to the tree and get my pacis to give to Solomon?

Me:  Yes.

Sawyer: Why?

Me:  Because that’s just the way she rolls. (I have no idea what made me say this.  This is not a phrase I use very often but I was particularly tired this evening so I am blaming it on that.)

Sawyer: She’s going to roll?

Me:   No, honey.  I’m sorry.  She’s not going to roll – it’s just a figure of speech.  A silly way of saying something.

Sawyer: So she’s going to roll?

And so it went for the next five minutes.  The moral of the story? Don’t use figures of speech with a three year old.

And yes, I do know better.  And no, I don’t want any flack about the Paci Fairy.  And yes, we do the Santa thing, too.  But no, I don’t think our children will be in years of therapy for it.  I’m pretty sure they are going to be OK. I’m also pretty sure I’m NOT going to be OK if we don’t get rid of the paci’s around here.

So my goal of working towards 1,000 things of gratitude continues…

61.  My middle little boy is not so little anymore and while I am thankful for this, I also want to stop time and keep him small for just a bit longer but to everything there is a season…

62.  A day of errands and shopping in which I purchased all of my groceries for the week AND a few things I need for ME.  Just Me.  Yes.  JUST. ME.

63.  Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller – I’m finding it’s an excellent book for someone who is unsure of what they believe.  For the record, I know what I believe but it will appeal to both those who are unsure and those who are strongly rooted.

64.  Next up?  The Girl Who Played with Fire, Stieg Larrson’s next novel in his Millenium Series. (By the way – could someone tell me why it’s called The Millenium Series?)

65.  My new hypoallergenic make-up because you know, I’m a sensitive soul

66.  Finding a doctor who would sit and listen and take the time to figure out if I really have blepharitis or something else.  Finally.

67.  Discovering that perhaps I don’t have a wheat, soy, gluten, dairy, and mango intolerance after all.  Praise. Sweet. Jesus.

68.  Chicken on the grill by the Super Grill Master, JJ.

69.  A hubs who hung out with Solomon and a mother who had the two olders which allowed me to get some much-needed writing done that just needed to be done

70.  “Agnus Dei” this morning at church?  Priceless.  It never fails to move me to tears.

Enjoy your day and embrace whatever season is beginning, continuing, or ending in your life.  Remember that time and place under heaven.  Remember that God has made it all beautiful in it’s own time.  Remember to remember who He is.

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