I’m joining in with Emily from “Chatting at the Sky” today for Tuesdays Unwrapped…The idea is to simply stop and find joy in even the smallest of moments and since I am trying to focus on a gratitude-filled heart, I thought it sounded like it was right up my alley.  Not to mention Emily is a fantastically wonderful writer and I love to read her every word.

It’s been ridiculously hot around this Midwestern town.  I mean so much so that we have been acting like it’s winter and just staying inside.

But Monday?  Not so much.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The high was 80 degrees.  The morning temperature was 65.  Yes, heaven.  Respite and hope for us humidity-imprisoned souls of central Indiana.

We packed a lunch and headed to a local park with a sprawling playground and phenomenally beautiful nature trails that are perfect for the discovery of new bugs, plants, and trees.

We climbed “mountains”.  Yes, in Indiana.  Mountains.

We picked wildflowers – even though they made Sawyer sneeze.

We dug in the dirt and found a dead cicada.  Of course, the boys were thrilled.

We looked over bridges and asked “science-y” kind of questions that my hands-on-ex-elementary-teacher brain adored.  Until Susannah shared that she was tired of hearing about why the stream is now dry.

We found sticks and…

giggled on a late summer day at the conclusion of a season in which all siblings have grown closer – in fact, a season in which we have all grown closer.

We discussed “God’s paintbrush” and the gift He gives us in landscapes that are so not explained by just science.

I marveled aloud that this is when I feel the very closest to God – when I am in the midst of the beauty He created just for us to enjoy.

And amid the squeals of delight in being allowed to get dirty, to throw rocks and to pick up dead bugs, we had a moment to be still and know.

Just know.

Some of the dishes were still stacked in the sink.  There was laundry to be done.  My bathroom drawers are in such need of organization that I can hardly find a single thing.  There are too-small clothes to sort and school supplies to get ready.

But not on a day like today.  Days like today are for being the kind of mom I had always envisioned I would be before the reality of the actual job kicked-in.  And I was.  Days like today are made simply for relishing in His splendor, His gifts to us.  And I was reminded that this is what I should be doing every day, not just on days like today.

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