Today was “Candy Day” at the store.

I say “no” to the request of the strategically-placed and enticingly packaged Skittles and M&M’s almost always.  But not today.

And the crowd went wild.

Should you have been shopping at the same store, you would have heard the giggles and squeals of intense, child-like joy because Mommy FINALLY said yes, they could each pick out some candy.

I find myself saying “no” so often so I can be the responsible mom, the mom looking out for tooth decay and hyperactivity, but sometimes it feels good to say “yes” to chocolate.

Actually, it almost always feels good to say “yes” to chocolate but I’m talking about my kids here.  But you know what I often think about?  The fact that it would be so frustrating if you really just wanted a little taste of something sweet and someone always told you you couldn’t.

Their excitement made me grin and travel back in time to when my mother would say “yes”, too…

A joyful noise indeed…

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