We have this crazy spider who will simply just not give up.  He is SO not going down anytime soon.

I realize that if I am writing about spiders and even going so far as to post photos of them, it could mean that this little blog here is going down the tubes and I’ve resorted to writing about boring topics like well…spiders.

But stick with me here for a minute.

Last week, my children got on to a Charlotte’s Web kick after watching the movie.  Suddenly, “Charlotte’s Web Mania” took over our house and they began to play “Wilbur and Charlotte” or “Wilbur and Fern”.  My E. B. White-lovin’ self was thrilled.  Charlotte’s Web was my favorite book as a child and continues to be one of my all-time faves to this day.  You better believe that we’re going to buy a copy and start reading it pronto.

The morning after we began “Charlotte’s Web Mania”, I opened the patio door to find the most immaculately-woven spider web I have ever seen.  It was so perfect and so large that it absolutely didn’t look real and made me wonder if the fall decorations I had been perusing the night before in a catalog had actually jumped from the page to my patio door.

My three little people were noshing on their breakfasts and watching “Sid the Science Kid.”  I am not a morning person.  I need them to watch a show for a little bit so I can ease into my day and drink a cup of coffee thankyouverymuch.

“Look!” I exclaimed excitedly.  “Charlotte was here!”

Three little pairs of feet pitter-pattered to the door.  The crowd went wild.

“Did she write something to us, mama?”  asked Sawyer.

“No, but if she did, what do you think she would say?” I asked.

“I love you,” Susannah said without missing a beat.

“You think the spider would say ‘I love you’?”, I asked.

“No, I think YOU would tell the spider to write that to us,” she answered.

I’m so thankful my children know the depths of my love for them.  That I would even go so far as to communicate with a spider that would spin a message into a web?  Yes, it confirms that they think I am as crazy as quite possibly I am.  But do I love that they know this?  You betcha.

So back to the spider…

It’s spinning it’s web in the most inconvenient of places.  It’s right in the upper portion of the door frame of our sliding glass door that leads to the patio and backyard.  If anyone must go outside (and remember my husband has a “man shed” back there) you must duck below the web unless you want the silky strings to stick to your face or desire to have a rather large spider crawling over your nose.

Each day, it breaks. As I said, it’s a high traffic area.

And yet that little sucker persistently repairs the damage EVERY single night.  It works hard to weave over the damage only to have it broken down again the next day.

I have never seen a spider actually spinning it’s web.  Sure, I’ve seen spiders.  Sure, I’ve seen webs, but I have never actually seen a spider in action.

It’s amazingly beautiful.

The measurements between each column of silk are so precise it looks like it employed the Engineering Department from Purdue to come and draw a blueprint.  And yet it’s innate.

It’s octagon-shaped web looks as though it measures the same on all sides.  The lines within the web are all pretty much the same length and width as well.

And of course, I am reminded of God.  A God who is so precise in His measurement, who knows exactly how to place the earth so it is the only planet that can house sustainable life.  Who gave specific directions to Solomon on how to build the first temple.  Who repeatedly gave precise directions and measurements for various things throughout the Bible.

I marvel at what God will use to teach us.  Because through that spider?  I’ve seen a determination, a strong dedication, a “well, let’s do this again” that makes me think my selfish little self just might need to see once in a while.

It has made me think of what has broken me that I need to rebuild.  It has made me think of staying the course and focusing on the end goal.  It has made me think of how “great is our God” to create a creature that so innately knows how to spin it’s web so it is most effective at catching the bugs that will keep it alive.

My list of “1,000 gratitudes” continues on this Multitude Monday:

71.  God’s creatures that are made so precisely in such a way that is beyond my own comprehension

72.  I love my Pad Thai.  I know you are not supposed to brag on yourself but well…I make a mean one if I do say so myself.  I just ate a bowl and I want another but I shall stop. And yes, I will publish the recipe tomorrow but not today because this post is too long already.

73.  A husband who brought me a homemade blueberry pancake (made with fresh blueberries mind you), a cup of coffee, and the Sunday paper IN BED this morning and it wasn’t my birthday, Mother’s Day, or our anniversary.  And no, he didn’t want you-know-what either because the kids were running wild downstairs.  Purely unselfish love.

74.  And while we are on the subject of that man, I love the way he puts his arm around me in church and always grabs my hand when we pray.

75.  My baby girl, my oldest, if off to Kindergarten on Wednesday.  I’m so excited for her but yes, my heartstrings are feeling a bit of a tug.

76.  My middeman, Sawyer, will being going to Miss Ana’s class.  He’s been waiting a year to go to Miss Ana’s class and it’s finally here. My heartstrings are not feeling a tug on this one.  Yes, I love him the same but that little boy has more energy than I know what to do with and I know this new, Montessori classroom will provide an outlet for his “spirited” personality.

77.  Our MOPS Open House is in the morning and I love seeing old pals and new faces, too.

78.  I love my book club and listening to some hysterically funny stories that I might need to share after our gathering this past Friday night (without identifying anyone, girls.  Don’t worry.)  We’ve been meeting for 12 years and I love these pals like they’re my sisters.

79.  Cranberry Juice.  I have a bladder infection.

80.  Solomon, in his two year old drawl, stood in our front lawn today and yelled down at our neighbor, who mind you, was not outside and is named Shawna, “Sonna!  Sonna!  Iwuyu!”  This translates to “Shawna!  Shawna!  I love you!”  It was about the cutest thing I had ever seen. It could have only been cuter if he had yelled it at me…

May you spin your web today precisely and beautifully.  May you rebuild what has been broken.  May you feel the uniqueness of the way that God has created you.  May you know Him and simply just Him.

Postscript:  As I was editing and previewing this post, JJ walked in from the man shed.  Right through the web.  His face was covered in silky string and barely missed having the big hairy spider crawling over his nose. The spider now resides on the fence in the backyard.  All of his hard work tonight went down in a blaze of glory.

Poor guy.  The spider, not JJ.

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