Of all the photos taken during our Disney vacation, this is by far my very most favorite.

Not the photos of my children with various characters though I must say those are precious as well.

Nor the ones depicting the joy on their faces while they rode the rides or gobbled the chocolate chip cookies they consumed Cookie Monster-style throughout the week.

It’s this one.

Solomon was in awe of  the massive aquariums filled with marine-life – I’m certain he would have spent every moment of our trip at the Seas Pavilion in Epcot or the aquariums of Animal Kingdom where this photo was taken.

Susannah and the boys were awestruck.  The full-length window made their little bodies feel as if they were out there swimming right along with Nemo and Dory.

When this big sucker swam by, Solomon every so quickly stuck his hand up in an attempt to feel the smooth gills wriggle between his hands.

His face was precious as he admired God’s handiwork.

The curiosity, the wonder, the marvel.  It was all present in his innocent toddler face.

It’s the same look I wear when I gaze at his siblings and him – complete wonder, awe, marvel.

I don’t deserve them and yet, He thought I did.  Grace. Mercy.

God’s talents and abilities are further reaching than I could possibly ever imagine.  The beauty and science of it all literally takes my breath away.

While out on a walk this morning, I was looking at the fall flowers that are beginning to emerge and enjoying the beautiful weather that often corresponds with my favorite season and I heard, “It’s all for you.”

And it is.

It’s all for us.  God created such creatures, such beauty, for us to enjoy and to draw closer to Him.

Because in my opinion?  The pure science of it all  is not just the pure science of it all.

There’s something bigger behind that science – and I know what that something is.

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