We have a major bandage obsession going on at our house right now.  In fact, as I write, I have one stuck to the bottom of my foot and not because I have a wound – because I stepped on it after it landed on our living room floor when one very wiggly young boy wiggled a little too much.

For The Love of Band-Aids

My three children, ages five, three, and two, delight in bandages because well, they are just so much like stickers.  Not to mention that the various characters that adorn the outside are beyond irresistible and at the same time, draw a little bit of attention to an “ouchy” that might be needing some good face time.

However, I have to admit that as a mother of children who are almost always getting a scrape or cut that requires one of these sticky healers, there are some kinds that I prefer over others.  I have found that while some bandages are too small and don’t adhere for more than ten minutes there are others that are almost impossible to remove – and I like that.  These steadfast protectors are the ones I select when the “ouchy” needs to be covered for a little while.  I don’t really care if Scooby-Doo or the Disney Princesses are on the outside – I’m going for quality here.

I want security and protection.

The Best Kind of Bandage

As I was explaining to our children that their love of all things bandage was costing our family more than I had planned to spend on First Aid for the month, I realized that there is one bandage that is free, that is always readily available, that never “falls off” and is always big enough to cover our entire wound – Jesus.

He is absolutely the only healer that we can attribute complete and utter freedom and recovery of any kind of “ouchy” – be it physical, mental, or spiritual.  He has endured each type of these wounds as well – He is no stranger to pain and the intense desire of it’s relief.

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