So today I told you my next segment was “due”

But I can’t think about writing because I have the stomach flu.

I can’t keep a thing down, it’s making me frown,

And I’m achy and beyond exhausted, too.

I’ll write it next week, that next one – Part Eight,

Assuming that by then I will be feeling great.

For if I am not, my stomach will rot,

Then a little longer we might have to wait.

I am not such a narcissist that I believe you are waiting at the edge of your seat to read the next installment of the “Life Story” series but I am a woman that likes to keep her word and I said it would be posted today.

As you can tell, I’m just barely surviving over here.  The thought of writing that out at the moment is unfathomable.  I must get through this horrid illness and will be good to go for next Thursday.  At least I better be…

Please pray that this illness would be lifted from our home, friends.  Sawyer has now had it twice and I’ve had it now for three days.  It is quite persistent. Solomon and Susannah had it last week so my prayer is that they don’t get it again as well.

Lysol is my best friend at the moment.

In Him,

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