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I don’t even know where to begin.  I’m about to leave my children in the care of someone else for a few days while I sneak away for a much-needed weekend with my husband and yet, I don’t know how to communicate the necessary information that make my children well,…my children.

Will I forget to mention that Spencer is afraid of thunder and the only meat he will eat are hot dogs and cold cuts?  Will I forget to add the fact that Samuel can’t stand the sound of the vacuum cleaner? Will I neglect to share that though she is about to start Kindergarten, Sarah still must have her bunnies when she sleeps?  That she gets incredibly emotional when she is tired?  You know, the little things that only a mother knows.

As I am contemplating how to communicate this without sounding like a completely neurotic mother, I am stopped by a moment of clarity.  This is exactly how Jesus knows us.  Each and every one of us.

In her book Scouting the Divine, Margaret Feinberg describes a shepherdess she visited as being able to identify individual sheep by the noises they produced.  Yes, each sheep had a particular way of saying “baa” and the shepherdess knew which ones were making which sounds even while her back was turned to them.  She could say “Dolly, I hear you!  Your food is coming!” or “Daisy, just minute!  I’ll help you soon!” simply by hearing their cries.

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