Oh those boys…

All those snips and snails and puppy dog tails.  All those construction vehicles and dirt.  All that laughter and joy over even the smallest of things.  All that wrestling.

They are two and three years old yet are complete and total buds on most days and the bitterest of enemies on others.  They have the power to make one another laugh about something that is known only to them but then also anger one another in a way that no one else can.  They can speak a secret language but then won’t talk to one another on a whim.

They are brothers.

Close-in-age brothers at that.

My prayer is that all three of my children, Susannah, Sawyer, and Solomon, will have fond memories of their childhood.  I pray they will know Him and believe in Him.  I pray they will not turn away.  I pray that their heartbreaks are few and their laughter is much.

Last week while working through my Breaking Free homework, Beth Moore asked “What are your dreams for your children?”

Have you ever heard a more loaded question?  How about what AREN’T my dreams for my children?  I can’t even begin to put it all in words but am beginning to think I should.

All in all, perhaps what I pray for the very most is that they have each other’s backs.  That not only will they have God on their side but will always be able to rely on the fact that their siblings will be as well.  They are there for one another in adversity.

I don’t expect them to always agree or to be carbon-copies of one another – in fact, I pray the opposite is true.  I pray that they will become the unique individuals that only they can be to fulfill who God created them to become and want them to learn that when we don’t always agree, we have the opportunity to walk deeper with someone and know them that much more intimately.

As we bid farewell to summer and look to a new season, I pray that these siblings, these joys of my life, will love one another at all times but most of all, will form a safety net, a safe-haven, that will allow for their mistakes, their foibles, and their guffaws.

For it is only in deep relationships like these that we begin to fully grasp the steadfastness, love, and grace of Jesus.

The one who forgives us all of our own foibles, mistakes and guffaws on a daily basis.

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