Here’s a verse that reminds me of the old “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy” skits on Saturday Night Live.

While reading Breaking Free this morning, we were asked to read John 11 verses 1 – 44.  “Criminy,” I thought.  “Is there time to read 44 verses?”

Yes, I know the ridiculousness of this question.  I’m just being completely honest – I only had the amount of time that “Yo Gabba Gabba” was on, you know.

But of course,  God being God, He did not waste this opportunity to reach me and I have now found one of my favorite passages in the Bible.  So much of John 11 touched me in so many ways that if I tell you all about it now, this post could turn into a novella and while I know you to be kind and compassionate people, you may not want to read a novella while hopping around Word Filled Wednesday today.

It was these verses that almost knocked me off my chair because JJ and I have been talking alot lately about bringing things to the light and allowing God to do His work.

In other words, get out of our own way, already.

If we keep those things that we would rather not think about in the darkness, it is there they will fester and lead to more stuff that we would eventually just as soon forget.  When something is brought to the light, the enemy is darn-near rendered powerless because then the real healing can begin.

It’s the absolute reason why I share so much of my own path – I want to exhibit how putting my past into the light and being authentic about it can be used for God’s glory.  Because really…wow.  He can do so much with so little.

We are having an unseasonably warm October in the midwest these days and I’m so not complaining.  It’s beyond beautiful. The changing leaves glimmer with their brilliant hues as the sunlight streams through and we play at parks in our shorts as if it were June and not October.

Today we met friends at our favorite park and had a picnic lunch – it was exactly the kind of day that allowed me to be the kind of mother I always thought I would be before the reality of having three young babies made me realize that I only have 24 hours to work with.

Quality, not quantity, and today was quality.

Sawyer repeatedly went down the monstrous curly-slide and my friend and I kept laughing at his electric hair that stood on end after each go.

I shot this photo and was reminded of the John 11 verses that I read just this morning because if those little hairs were not standing up in the light, we would have missed them.  If it were dark outside or if the sun had not been shining at that exact angle and moment, we might have lost the opportunity for a good giggle.

It made me think of the fact that it’s when we bring that stuff out into the light that God uses it for good in a way we least expect it.  We can really see it and we can enjoy it, even it’s painful, because in all things, ALL THINGS, God works for the good of those who love Him.

What do you need to bring to the light and lay at the altar?

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