This verse is so convicting to me as of late.

Sometimes I’m not as compassionate as I would like to be.  My kindness is lacking, humility out the door, gentleness has vacated the premises and there is no such thing as patience.

I’m not representin’ so well.

Truth be told, this is the end-goal for me as a parent – I want my children to possess each of these virtues and I want it to show.  Yes, they are human.  They will not be perfect.

However, my hope is that this will be more of their default behavior than it is mine.

If I’m not modeling this, where will they learn?

Why is this such a struggle for those of us confined to the flesh?

God’s mercies are so great each day and I love that it’s never too late to try.  That He grants us that blank, clean slate each and every day.

Even when we least deserve it.

Will you join me in memorizing Colossians 3:12 and praying for God to clothe your words in these virtues each day?  If so, I would love to hear how this verse has impacted your interactions with others!

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