I’m completely blown away by your thoughtful and compassionate comments last week as I stuck my toe into the water of vlogging.  Thank you so much for really making me think about the direction this little place is going to go.

Now, for some housekeeping:

*  I might accept advertisements if they are for Christian organizations and products.  Perhaps.  Possibly.  In other words, maybe.

*  I will do a giveaway every now and then just for reader appreciation only – no one will need to subscribe, follow me on Twitter, clean my house.

*  Friday’s will be my day to vlog about anything that’s on my heart.  They will be less than five minutes (closer to three) and usually won’t contain any text (though today is an exception.) and be called “Face to Face Friday”.

Lastly, the whole make-up thing.  I failed to mention that 1) I was wearing SOME make-up but 2) not STAGE makeup. It was suggested that I apply more make-up because our faces tend to look washed-out on camera.  I wasn’t clear about this and I feared that you just might think I was a woman scared to go out and get my mail not wearing make-up.  I’m very much NOT that girl.

Ask my neighbors.

I’m linking up with my dear pal Michelle at Lost in the Prairies and Rachel Ann at Home Sanctuary for Company Girls today.  Go and visit some new friends today!

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